We had some visitors here this morning and they were the kind you want to see. Two nice big guys brought in a pair of mattresses. I don’t know if any of you have bought a mattress lately but it’s a totally new experience. One, there seems to be a mattress company on every single block. Mattress Firm, Sleepy, Mattress Superstore, Tempur pedic, Sleep Number – to name a few.  You can get firm, extra firm, super firm and ultra firm. They come with pillow tops or memory foam tops. I don’t consider myself really picky when it comes to how firm a mattress should be – I’m more of a pillow fanatic. THOSE have to be down and soft! But back to the mattresses – there seems to be a plethora of choices. Mattresses at this old beach house only get slept on about 4 months a year when the weather is warm enough to be here so they tend to last a lot longer than most regular household beds. But even those get to a point when they get that going away look.

This year before we came down to the beach, I did some mattress shopping. I wanted a flip mattress. Those are the old timey things that you can actually pick up and flip over or pick up and rotate, giving more shelf life to the mattress, so to speak. They are HARD to find. Nowadays, mattresses more resemble thrones with huge box springs that can sit right on the floor and are 18-20” thick. Of course you have to buy special sheets for these beds. But we don’t have room for those. You know I have to admit that they are mighty comfortable but, they seem to wear out a lot faster than the old flip ones, at least the pillow top that we bought did. Maybe that’s why there are so many mattress companies? Our son says that we better get used to it because the Millennials don’t care about things that last – they don’t want “things” that weigh them down. They want to be flexible and only have items that suit the moment. I’ve heard this from friends who have already downsized. Their children don’t want the old furniture/antiques since they can pick up something cute at Pottery Barn. I understand that – PB has lots of really fun things! And since most young people are using the cameras in their phones – that’s where they are storing their photos.  Taking photos has never been so easy. You know where I’m going with this – what are they doing with these photos? Tossing them when the memory card is filled? Deleting those photos that their children would have found so hysterical  a few years from now?

Oops – back to the visitors.

Every year when we first get here, I open the back screen door with a mild case of trepidation.  Did any unwanted visitors move in over the winter? Thankfully the kitchen door was shut tightly so that was a good thing. We’ve been there and done that several years ago.  But why was the bedroom door open? Oh cripes – and why was the corn-husk seat on the old chair tattered and scattered? And what was that mess on the bed? AAARRGH! Those dang raccoons had decided that they didn’t mind the cold weather and a comfy bed was just what they needed.  So toss one mattress, pillows, bedding, etc. And scrub and mop and scrub and mop. And no, I didn’t take any photos. I was too busy using that mop and you wouldn’t want to see them anyhow!

When we got to the front porch, even more damage. They’d obviously thrown a nesting party and invited in the cousins to help prepare for the upcoming arrivals.  We knew they were nesting because they’d obviously discovered a great source of soft batting from the little davenport on the porch. Like I said – what a mess.  But, thanks to a power washer and LOTS of bleach – things are almost back to normal. I’ll say one more thing – when we’re gone, I hope our children will love this place enough to scrub and mop and scrub and mop. I think they will.

You know unwanted visitors don’t have to be furry and messy. But they still can do unbelievable damage. They can move quietly in the form of a virus or a thief who takes over your computer or phone. And have you gotten one of those phone calls with a slightly foreign sounding voice that tells you that there is something wrong with your computer? One of my sister-in-laws fell for that and it costs $$$ to get her out of that situation. Or what if suddenly a hard drive or EHD no longer works? Just make sure that you’re saving your photos and stories in a safe place, and making prints and creating digital books, and you won’t have to worry about those varmints who can cause you tons of stress and angst.

And on that happy thought – I’ve got a few more places to scrub!


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9 Responses to Blog: Unwanted guests

  1. Jan says:

    I know it wasn’t funny at the time, but it sure is hysterical to see your page!! xx

  2. Kerrianne says:

    Oh Anne! I just think raccoons are the cutest little things! I guess I have not had to go through their ‘tenants from hell’ antics! I love the way you write a good ditty xx

  3. Liz Propst says:

    We just decided on getting new mattresses for our beach house….ugh! Cute page of the critters. When life give you lemons…make lemonade, you’ve done that well!!

  4. Lindie says:

    So cute. Sorry that you came onto the mess. Hope you have a great summer.

  5. debbie says:

    Great sense of humor! Loved this!

  6. Terry Vachowski says:

    Anne- This is cute but it is SOOOO NOT FUNNY! We live in a 100 year old house and the mouse stories I could tell you! Enjoy the new mattresses, and summer.

  7. Cindy Rold says:

    Great page!

  8. adakallen says:

    I was moaning with you over choosing a mattress! I did that a couple of years ago after my knee replacement and to see if a better mattress would help my back. A mattress is one of those things you get comfortable with one night at a time and replacing them is painful!
    Then when you moved to the raccoons I could only laugh HYSTERICALLY. I grew up in the country and we had critters of every kind imaginable, even some good critters could be a royal pain in the rear at times; like the rooster who found his way into the frying pan after one too many of his antics!

    • Anne says:

      Now I’m laughing hysterically over that poor rooster that ended up for dinner! I am grateful that the raccoons couldn’t get into the kitchen this time. OH my – the mess they made that year!!

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