It is amazing when you look back on events, how much time has really passed.  On February 23, 1991, I married Tony.  In our wedding were my cousins, Julie and Jeff.  Julie was eight and Jeff was five.  It was such a fun day of celebration.  A few years back Julie married,  and just recently on June 12th,  Jeff married.  I decided to look in our wedding album for the picture Tony and I took with Julie and Jeff in 1991.  I was amazed just looking at how much we changed.  Twenty-four and a half years have passed.

I was really looking forward to Jeff and Becca’s wedding.  The extended family and friends were gathering to witness their union.  The wedding took place outside on a beautiful sunny day.  Watching Jeff’s bride, Becca, come down the aisle was breathtaking, but, what I really wanted to see was Jeff’s reaction when he saw his bride for the first time.  I could see the tears coming down Jeff’s face.  I could see in his face he was so excited to marry the love of his life.  With the vows they exchanged, their happily ever after was beginning on that day.

Tony and I have been married for 24 1/2 years.  When I attend a wedding, the vows mean so much more.  They meant a lot the day I was married, but living out those vows is another story.  In 24+ years, a lot of life happens.  Joyous moments, like when our children were born.  Stressful moments when the daily routine of raising a family can be hard.  Grief filled moments when there is a death in the family.  Scary moments when health issues arise.   Living out the vows of “in sickness and health” involves so much more than just speaking the words.

Celebrating with Jeff and Becca on their special day was so much fun!  They are both wonderful, thoughtful and caring people.  I am looking forward to watching their story unfold.Blog_WeddingCelebration_Branding2

Pulling all this information together was at my finger tips thanks to Historian.  I was able to open my wedding category and then search the date I needed.  In this case I was looking for my 1991 wedding pictures.  In addition, I have “face tagged” photos.  That means I can look for all the pictures I have of a particular person.  Historian facilitates gathering information for creating a layout.  Check out pixels2Pages Focus On Historian Membership to learn more about this incredible program.

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  1. Linda DeLaughter says:

    Dear Kim: Each time in the last 10 years or so, when Rawlin and I attend a wedding, we silently repeat the vows being spoken. We hold hands and reminisce back to the day 42 years ago when we said those same words to each other. Of course, he insists that I said “obey” in that mantra, but I say otherwise! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos! Jeff still has that cute smile and Becca is a very lucky girl!

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