This week’s Day2Day Theme is “I love …” (15th to 21st June).

As I’m writing this blog I have to admit that it’s been “struggle street” here this week – so as the week progresses, some days I have been taking two photos. One focusing on what I love about something, and the other focusing on what I have hated about that day.

Here’s how the first five days of my Day2Day week went:

Monday:              After a lovely weekend away with some girlfriends on a scrapping weekend, I came home on Sunday night to find that my son had a suspected broken nose after his football match on Saturday morning. The Trainer, Physio and Coach thought it was broken. Blood, swelling, a little bit wonky – all the signs. But … do you think hubby took him to ER to get it checked out – no – he thought he’d wait until I got home, late on Sunday – gotta hate that! Monday was out for me as Lauren had an appointment at the Royal Children’s Hospital, and Daniel had his last University Exam – so hubby said he’d take him after work. Daniel ended up taking himself at 8:30pm, on the way – a tyre blew out, and he had to jog home – gotta hate that. End result – he did end up at hospital in the end, late at night, slight damage to the bridge of his nose but nothing that required surgery. Now he’ll have a bit of a wonky nose, but at least he can breathe through it – gotta love that.

Tuesday:              My Cricut machine hadn’t been cutting properly, but the girls on the weekend away fixed it for me – gotta love that. But – the issue was pretty simple – faulty blade (even though it was a new one, I didn’t think to try another – hate that). Lauren needed boxes made to sketch from for Vis Com (Year 11) – and the cricut cut them out in no time – gotta love that.

Wednesday:      After dropping Lauren at school, I had a parking inspector running down the street after me waving his hands and pointing to the car. Turns out, the spare tyre hadn’t been fitted properly and was wobbling looking like it was going to fall off, even though I couldn’t feel it as I was driving under 50km an hour on the way to school – gotta hate that. Sat in the car for over 2 hours waiting for roadside assist to fix the wheel (all it needed was a spacer removed, which should have been done on Monday night’s Roadside Assist call) – gotta hate that! And …. Yep … I still had ugg boots and my pyjama top on under my coat ….. ooops!  Rang my mechanic when I finally got home, and got two new back tyres fixed that afternoon in under an hour – and he washed, vacuumed and tyre blacked the car – and while he was doing that, I got to have a coffee in a café, and walk to the Puma outlet to buy 2 T-shirts for $10 each! – gotta love that! And … while all the tyre drama was going on – Daniel got lost in the city trying to find the building he was to do his CPR course in as he was at the wrong end of the city – gotta hate that phone call. Lady in the office was very understanding and rebooked him in for the next day at no extra charge – gotta love that!

Thursday:            I totally missed the crop meeting yesterday due to the car issues – gotta hate that. But – the p2P girls on the crop team were happy to reschedule and meet today, and we got pretty much everything sorted for our next p2P Crop on 24-26 July – gotta love that! Daniel rang me, stuck on the train as the entire train system was gridlocked and shut down, and he was going to miss out on doing his CPR course again – gotta hate that! Thankfully he rang that wonderful woman again, who was totally understanding, and the train started up, and he made it to the course, just in time, after sitting on the train going nowhere for half an hour – gotta love that he made it!

Friday:  Daniel not looking forward to his second shift at Maccas (he really doesn’t like their food or the smell of the cookers) but, he really needs a part time job – gotta hate that he’s not looking forward to it. He comes home from his shift, loves the people he’s working with, and then is available to go and pick Lauren up from school while I’m off out with a friend, and having a late lunch – gotta love that!

So …. Now I’ve finished writing this blog – and there are two days left for my Day2Day week. Hoping there are no “hates” and only “loves” in store for the weekend!  How’s your week panning out? I’m so looking forward to seeing all the Day2Day “I love” themed pages that will be hitting our Facebook Group in the next week or two!

p/s – I wrote all of this in a mad panic, thinking my blog was due to publish and I was running late – gotta hate that. Turns out, I read the date incorrectly – so now I am able to share my Day2Day page of “I love …….” with a little bit of “I hate …..” thrown in. And … in case you are wondering – the weekend was a huge improvement on the week that was full of flat tyres, hospital ER visits, failed sponge cakes, wrong buses caught, trains stuck and going nowhere, and multiple frantic texts and phone calls!24June2015_ILove_Blog_SamplePage_JG

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7 Responses to Blog: I Love … My Day2Day Week

  1. Deanna Emmert says:

    Wow! Some weeks are totally like that! At least you were able to find the good with the really-not-that-great! And, through it all, it sounds like your cell phones didn’t fail either.

  2. Lindie says:

    Love this page, the story, and the layout. Busy week. Glad things are going more smoothly this week.

  3. Terry Vachowski says:

    What a week you’ve had, Janice! I hope you’ll be able to look back soon and laugh about it all!

  4. Linda DeLaughter says:

    An eventful love-hate week indeed! Sorry about Daniel’s “wonky” nose!! Hope next week is a better one!

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