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Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans!  (How many of your read that in your head as ‘mah fellow Amuricans’?  Shades of LBJ…but I date myself!)  The 4th of July is a fun holiday here on Tiki Island.  In addition to the fireworks that we can see from our deck (all over Galveston Island and several places on the mainland) and the annual 4th of July parade, we always have a cookout, usually grilling burgers and hot dogs, and this year, we get to grill for seven!  That’s right, our kids and our granddaughter are here for the week!!  Happy is extra happy this year!

We spent Friday afternoon at Moody Gardens in Galveston, visiting both the aquarium and the rain forest exhibits.  Even though we had just visited them a few weeks ago with Kim and Blake, it was so much fun to see the fish and turtles and penguins and birds and butterflies and snakes and frogs through Elliot’s eyes.  Thursday afternoon Kim, Markee, Elliot, and I went to see Crockett at ‘charm school’ – it was the first time Markee and Elliot had met him.  He’s doing great and was very good with Elliot.  I can’t wait to have him home for good on Tuesday!  He got his first full haircut last week and he looks like a different dog – he was so cute.  When we came home, we all went swimming in the pool, and David, Kim, and I spent a lot of time throwing Elliot up high in the air and letting her splash down in the pool.  Suffice it to say it’s only been two days and we’ve taken lots of photos on our phones.

What makes this year different from other years is that now Kim, Markee, and I each have our own FOREVER account.  We’ve downloaded the FOREVER app on our phones and we’ve set them to automatically upload the photos on our phones to our FOREVER accounts, and we’ve shared our albums with each other.  What that means is now there’s no more “Hey, would you send me that picture?” or “I’ll email it to you” or “Just download it from my Facebook page.”  Now, we can just go to each other’s shared albums and download the photos that we want!  How simple is that?

It’s almost time for the Friday night fireworks to start, so this blog post will be much shorter than usual.  Gotta go watch my princess with her glow-in-the-dark Doc McStuffins wand enjoy the light show on the deck.  If you have questions about FOREVER, just leave them in the comments section.  Have a fantastic, firework-filled, star-spangled weekend!

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