NewChapter_Banner_TBDisclaimer:  This blog has nothing to do with being 40, yet it has everything to do with being 40.

On June 21st I turned the BIG 4.0.  40 years old.  This is supposed to be a big deal.  At least that is what I was told.  When I woke up that morning I just laid in bed for about an hour without getting up.  I just laid there and listened.  The window by my bed was open. The birds were chirping.  The kids in the nearby park were playing baseball. I, well I just laid there and listened.  I listened as my kids woke up and scuffled about their rooms.  I listened to the cars and airplanes passing by.  After an hour of listening I jumped out of bed realizing that “I’ve got things to do.”  I just sent both of my sons to prom in the two weeks prior; one of my sons graduated Junior High; but I still had a lot to do.  My other son would be graduating a few days later.  My baby girl’s 11th birthday slumber party would be the following weekend (postponed due to all of the activities surrounding her brothers) and I had a lot to do.  I also had my 15th  wedding anniversary coming up on the 29th. There was no time for me to plan my huge 40th Birthday Celebration (though I do plan to celebrate the entire year).  I had to finish all of the stuff for the kids.   Long story short, the month of June was not about me…it was about the kids.  Being 40 is the same as being 39.  It was just another day that I was blessed to enjoy.  So on to mom duties I went.

Of course I have plenty of prom and graduation pictures to scrap and you will see those pages posted over the next few months.  I also have a few from my uneventful 40th Birthday Celebration. But on that day…my 40th Birthday, I could not focus on being 40. I needed to focus on my daughter’s slumber party.   She was turning 11.  It was a no frills type of party, but since I consider myself the ultimate hostess there was lots of customization involved.  I was also limited on time since my daughter’s slumber party was scheduled to end at 2pm on Sunday and my oldest son’s graduation dinner was set to start at 5pm the same day (Note: The slumber party didn’t end until Tuesday).  I am a hybrid crafter, so you know I had to hit up my digital content and Cricut Explore big time.

To keep it simple  I selected 5 kits to use, and I stuck with those kits (Kits used were listed below).  I used them in following ways:

  • Created photo booth props – I had pre-printed and cut most of them, but the girls really loved to get involved by using the print and cut feature on the Cricut machine to make many of the props.  In the end, they got so wrapped up in their makeup that they didn’t even use the props.   I woke up the other morning and noticed that my daughter had taped many of the props to the outside of her bedroom door.   I had never thought of that idea.  They look pretty cool.
  • Created an insert for the sleepover care package. The bag itself was an empty plastic zip bag left over from the curtain valances I purchased. (A good way to re-purpose something).  The bag included 2 nail polishes, nail polish remover, 2 nail files and cotton balls.  The insert was printed on plain photo copy paper and the girls loved being able to keep up with their belongings by zipping them back up in their care bag.
  • Created cupcake toppers – The cupcake bar was a real hit.  The girls loved decorating their cupcakes and topping them off with a heart or cute saying.  The print then cut feature on the Cricut Explore made this a breeze.
  • Created clipboards –  The wonders of a little bit of Modge Podge.   The girls had fun decorating their own clipboards.  I sat with each girl individually and they were shown the 4 selected kits.  They picked the papers and embellishments they wanted to use and we decorated an overlay for their clipboard.  We then cut the overlay and glued it to the clipboard using Modge Podge.  A protective coating of Modge Podge was applied over the overlay and voila…. the girls had custom made clipboards.
  • Invitations were created using Artisan and my Cricut Explore’s print then cut feature.

The girls had a Hybrid Blast using Artisan and the Cricut Explore. These kits were perfect for a little girl’s slumber party.

I would like to say thank you to Peppermint Creative, Seatrout Scraps and Fayette Designs for creating the kits that made my little girl’s party the perfect one.

The kits used were:

Teen Queen and Movie Night Kit by Peppermint Creative – I used these kits to create photo booth props tags and signs.  These kits were also used for the slumber party crafts.

Hey Cupcake Bundle and Hey Girlfriend the Bundle by Fayette Designs – I used these kits to make cupcake and goody bag decorations as well as the invitation.

Sleepover Bundle by Seatrout Scraps – I used this kit to create photo booth props.

Click here to visit the Panstoria Store to view their kits.

Hybrid invite

Hybrid Craft using Artisan Software

Teen Queen Kit by Peppermint Creative


Hey Girlfriend The Bundle by Fayette Designs

Hybrid Craft Clipboard

Clipboard made using Teen Queen Kit by Peppermint Creative and Hey Girlfriend The Bundle by Fayette Designs.

Hybrid Craft

Cupcake Bar. Bundle of cupcake picks in the lower left hand side of photo.

cupcakes and hybrid crafts.

D. made several cupcakes to take home.

cupcakes and hybrid crafts

Gummy bears, chocolate pearls and M&Ms decorate this cupcake along with a pick made using Hey Cupcake The Bundle by Fayette Designs. Created using the print then cut feature with the Cricut Explore.

hybrid crafts withArtisan and Cricut Explore

Hey Cupcake The Bundle by Fayette Designs. Created using the print then cut feature with the Cricut Explore.

Photo Booth Props

Created a few photo booth props for the girls as they were having a movie night. Movie Night Kit by Peppermint Creative.

Photo Booth Props

These were intended to be photo booth props, but my daughter decided to decorate her door with them. These are from the Teen Queen Kit by Peppermint Creative.

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5 Responses to Blog: Being 40

  1. Cheryl says:

    You are definitely the “hostess with the mostest”! The girls must have had a ball!

  2. Jan says:

    Oh, Meka – you are the ultimate hostess!! I may have to start hiring you!!

  3. Asmaan says:

    wow! wow! wow!…you are great mother!, great artist, great … I am so fascinated by everything you do for your children, for your family, for your community and for the p2p peeps! So excited to meet you!
    This year is my ’50’ and I have been celebrating since january!, and one of the gifts from dear hubby is to fly across the oceans to come and meet all of you! at the cost of repeating myself … I AM SOOO EXCITED, I CANT WAIT !!

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