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After celebrating Father’s Day a few weeks ago I thought about my own dad. There are so few memories of my dad.  My parents divorced when I was three and I didn’t see him until my University graduation.  We rebuilt a relationship even though he still lived far away we connected for a few years.  My mom saved my birth announcement and later I found out my dad actually drew it. He was a computer programmer well before the internet and all this technology we love today. I’m sure he would be amazed that we’d have mini computers in our purses! When he passed away in 1989 when I was only 30, his mothers scrapbooks were found in a metal storage shed in a black trash bag behind his home in Arizona.  As I went thru the books I was amazed that there were pictures as far back as 1897. Thus began the documenting and researching of my family history. We sometimes ponder what family member we’re like.  I didn’t find out my dad liked to draw until after he passed away.  I love to draw and create.

Little bits of information can tell us a lot about a person and who were part of their lives. The lock of hair in the upper right photo was found in my grandmothers scrapbook. It was next to a diary my dads Aunt Mary kept for him , (Yes, my namesake)  It is my dads and I found it after his death. I don’t remember my dad with hair. I  digitized all my grandmothers photos and memorabilia and put them in a digital book so my siblings could all have one.  I added the real lock of hair to mine. I attached it with photo corners right on top of the scanned one!  I also scanned cards, bridge score sheets and gas rationing stamps all found in these old scrapbooks. The sad part is that as many photos as my grandmother took she only put cute captions under them.  She never identified her siblings. I guess she thought someone would always remember.

I wish Forever had been around back then in the late 90’s. I had a slow scanner and equally slow computer. It took weeks to get everything scanned.  How I would have loved to send them off and get them returned along with digitized copies. I am loading these to my Forever account so my kids and grandkids (and future great great kids) will always have them.

My layout is a representation of my dad.  His locket of hair from 1928 and my birth announcement from 1959. A remembrance of his creativity and a little bit of who he was., Artisan software, Digital Scrapbook layouts

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4 Responses to Blog: Generation Connection

  1. Lindie says:

    What a lovely tribute. Glad you were able to reconnect with your father. What a treasure to have older pictures. Thanks for your blog.

  2. Linda Ammons says:

    Love this….all about our “HISTORY” (she said with adoration) …love that drawing. Sure wish I could draw something more than a circle (she said sadly..laughing) and hey, is your banner Chihuly Glass? I just went down to his museum in St Pete yesterday? GORGEOUS art, don’t ya’ think?

  3. Linda DeLaughter says:

    Thank you, dear Mary, for this trip down the memory lane of your family! My own family heritage books have been a work in progress for some time. When my Mother passed, I found a box that belonged to my grandmother containing snips of hair from almost every one of her relatives in Germany from the early 1900s. They have been scanned, along with all of my mother’s old photographs (and yes, they had no names on them either)! It required almost 2 years of research, but I have been able to identify 90% of the people in the photographs, as well as travel to Germany to meet some second cousins about whom I previously did not know existed! These hair snips, special photographs and memories are being included in my heritage books as well. I cherish these memories and know that these digital projects will be completed because of Historian, Artisan and tips from the P2P Pixies!

  4. adakallen says:

    Ooooo What a find!!!!!

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