Blog July bannerWhen I learned about Project 365 a few years back, I really jumped on board. I made sure that I carried my camera everywhere! And there were plenty of nights that I’d be getting into bed and remember than since I hadn’t left the house, no picture was taken. Eeek! So a mad scramble to find something around me to photograph. I kept up with putting them onto pages and that album was printed within a month of the year ending. I showed it to everyone!

There were big plans to keep on with it, but by March of the next year, I’d become a bit blasé about the picture taking. I decided that taking a few photos a week might just have to do it and I made pages to reflect that. And I discovered that the world didn’t stop spinning and the photo police were not banging on my door at 11 pm making sure that I’d taken that daily picture.

Well, life got in the way, as it often does, and the last two years have just been busy. Busy with making memories with grandchildren, following them around to every sport activity, every birthday, and so many more fun occasions. BUT, I’ve been taking lots of pictures at each event. LOTS of pictures at each event. So typically on a Saturday, there are 3 different soccer games. Guessing about 20 photos per game, that’s 60 or more photos on those days. Hmmm. So the photos began to back up in Historian. Yes, they were being backed up, but more and more there were too many in the “Not tagged” section.

So starting at the beginning of the year with our January crop, I started concentrating on completing pages. One of my fun jobs is making some of the badges for each crop. And as I was making them back in January, it struck home that I couldn’t claim a few of these badges. I hadn’t printed a book lately at the Panstoria Print Shop and I was way behind on keeping up with the fun Challenges. Something had to change. The first crop of 2015 provided that opportunity. It was a cold and dreary and I was sick, as usual – January is NOT my favorite month! But sitting at my computer looking at all the wonderful pages you all were completing and posting on FB really got me excited and out of the winter doldrums! I decided I couldn’t encourage YOU to do these things if I wasn’t doing them! First, just the title of the crop was fun – Time to Crop! There were cute freebies from the guest designers, the Challenge was fun and quick and the Blueprints were a real time saver. Pretty sure that I got 25 pages completed.

When the May crop rolled around several months later, and we were celebrating p2P’s 5th birthday – once again I cranked out the pages – 27 this time!

About the end of May when we were hearing about the ForeverLIVE convention coming in September, I realized that I didn’t have anything new to take for show and tell. I decided to see if I could finish the 2014 family album and maybe start a few pages in the 2015. Imagine my surprise when I started gathering completed pages from all over my Artisan projects and realized that my 2014 book was complete with a few pages left over! And I had more than 50 pages completed in my 2015 album! I was totally dumbfounded – somehow with the fun of these 2 crops, and a little bit of competing, (yes, we compete too – sometimes just with ourselves!), my album pages were done!

So here is my encouragement to you. Get this upcoming Crop on your calendar now if you haven’t already. We named it “Fast2Finished” and it’s all about getting those pages done quickly and with a great deal of fun thrown into the mix. See that “It’s about Time” page below? That’s what I’m talking about. Make the time to join with all of us who’ll be cropping and sharing our pages and the excitement of completing them! We’ve been making special Blueprints and several designers have contributed some awesome mini kits as freebies for our crop participants. And if you wonder whether or not p2P members are busily making pages while you’re cropping? Wonder no more – we are cranking them out too.

I’m getting ready to send off my 2014 family album to the Panstoria Print Shop so I can take it to ForeverLIVE. I might be your worst nightmare – dragging each and every one of you to sit down beside me and go through every single page! Bwaaaaaaaa! So you better get on the ball and bring something of yours for me to see at the same time! Can’t wait!

Happy memory making, Anne

2014 Family album: Life is Better at the Beach page: Content:Paper: Cottage Arts: By the Sea Page Pak, Embellishments: Seatrout Scraps: Ocean Drive; LJS Designs: Spring Break; OJ: 2014_11 Kiss the Cook PD; Sausages: 2014 06 Breakfast Time II;Pancakes and syrup: 2013 06 Breakfast Time; Font: KG Always a Good Time.

2015 Family album: It’s About Time page: Content: Paper: Jumpstart Freebies from Bundle Up Tight, Flurries Tonight Bundle;Embellishments: Fayette Designs: Time4Me Dig-ette-al Kit; Bow: Jumpstart Bundle Up Tight, Flurries Tonight Bundle; Clock: Fayette Designs Freebies: Time4Me; Font: KG Be Still and Know.

Page 2014page

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