Last month I was lucky enough to go away on a Weekend Retreat with some girlfriends to Ocean Grove. I always love getting away with them, but this trip was a little bit more special as I would be driving right past Kerrianne’s home. A definite catch up was a must! Even though we live about 1.5 hour’s drive away from each other, we don’t see each other nearly enough – maybe once a year!  Not nearly enough.

I parked the car outside her home, caught up quickly, and then we were off with Kerrianne driving on a little jaunt around her home town. She took me to her school and showed off her Art Room where she teaches – something I have wanted to see. So much creativity from her students on display, I can see why she loves her job so much.

Then it was off for a look around the stores and lunch at the Geelong Vintage Market.  While sitting at the café looking into the store, I spotted my cousin Geoff who works at the Vintage Market. So he popped into the café and had lunch with us as well. Great to catch up with someone else I don’t see very often.

After lunch Kerrianne drove down to the end of the street and took me to The Powerhouse (formerly a power station). I’ve wanted to see this place for such a long time. I had seen photos on Facebook from people who had been there and to get to go with Kerrianne was even better! The Powerhouse  is a huge building that was abandoned 45 years ago. Now the building is used as an industrial art space where it is legal to create street art. Both the outside and interior are used for all types of brilliant artwork, and it really has to be seen to be believed. I had packed my “big girl’s” camera for the weekend, and was so glad that I had! We could only view from ground level, as tours are run for those wanting to explore further and higher up in this over 6 story tall building. The artwork changes all the time and classes are run as well for those who want to experiment and learn. Not long after getting to hang out with Kerrianne, she told me that The Powerhouse had been shut down due to OH&S regulations. It’s undergoing renovations, and will be open again next month, so it was fabulous timing to be able to get inside and explore.

Kerrianne and I had a little joke about who would make the first Blueprint or layout using our photos from this day – and she won! I’m so glad she did, as I get to use what she created to start on some pages from this awesome place. Here’s a sneak peak at what will be on offer in just a couple of short hours when our Fast2Finished Crop kicks off! I have some more photos from the inside of the building to get onto pages – it was so hard to stop pressing that shutter button!

Information about The Powerhouse was sourced from their website: powerhousegeelong.com


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7 Responses to Blog: Great Timing

  1. Kerrianne says:

    It was a fun day with you Janice! And you are right, we don’t do it nearly enough!!! I hope they open the Powerhouse up again soon, it is great to visit regularly. I love all the artworks!! And of course it was great inspiration for a BP and even a Mini Kit for the crop 🙂

  2. Jan says:

    Awesome photos of incredible art! Thanks, Janice!

  3. idot18@msn.com says:

    wow!!!! I want to go there

  4. Deanna Emmert says:

    OOOHHH! Fabulous DPS!!!!

  5. sistersunshine says:

    I LOVE this layout topic… great stuff to be able to see and what a great idea for the repurposing of a building. Just one quick Aussie/US question… OH&S… is that Office of Housing & Safety… it makes sense to think that’s what it stands for, but it may be something else. Thanks for sharing. *U* Kathleen

    • Janice says:

      Thank you Kathleen – it is an amazing way to use an old building. OH&S stands for “Occupational Health & Safety”. It was deemed unsafe for general public, so there is some work being done so it can open back up for people to walk around and inside.

  6. Alison says:

    Wow, that place looks AMAZING! I definitely have to visit. 🙂

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