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I’ve always wanted to take road trips.  I love driving.  My husband not so much for the road trip or driving.  He does like to travel just not in a car.  Last year I was thinking about doing a girlfriend road trip and he asked me why I hadn’t considered a road trip with him.  I reminded him that he doesn’t like road trips (or so he said) and since I wanted to see the USA I had to plan to travel with others.

After thinking a bit he told me he wanted to see Mount Rushmore and I said great.  He quickly said “let’s book a flight and go see it and then come home” to which I replied why would we want to fly and miss out on everything to see between here and there!  Seeing how much I wanted to do a road trip he acquiesced and said “I’m in”.  I told him I would drive most of the way unless I was sleepy but he had to plan what to see with one exception…only two planned hotel stays. The first two since we knew where we’d be, the next we’d book at the last minute. I’m working at getting a bit more laid back and that meant “winging” it for part of the trip.

We began on a Friday morning and drove to Amarillo, TX and saw our first attractions! So far so good. One 6 hour drive down. The next morning, at 3am, we hit the road to drive to Rapid City, South Dakota as we wanted to be at Mount Rushmore on the 4th of July! It was even more awe inspiring than expected.  All along our travels on this 8 day trip we saw amazing sites. We primarily used my good Nikon camera.  BUT, our phones came in handy too when we wanted a selfie or something like that. Yes we bought a selfie stick too! Much to my kids’ horror we also brought along our travel mascot “Liberty” the Beanie Baby bear.

I didn’t want my phone to fill up with photos so I used my Forever app on my phone to load the special photos to my Forever account to allow me to clear my phone daily. While it’s not all the photos I plan on using on my page layouts in my family book it is most of my favorites.  It was easy (since it uploaded automatically) and I never had to think about it.  It’s just another way I back up my photos. I’m not sure why it took me so long to use this app because I actually like new technology, but it did, and I love it. It’s easy. When I got back to my computer I did upload to Historian also. Did I tell you I’m obsessive with backing up?

So now when I’m out and about and catch a particularly good photo I know it’s being backed up automatically.  Safe and secure for future page layouts and my family because I can share the images with them directly through Forever.  Peace of mind. They’re never going to have to dig through photos like I did of my parents and grandparents.  They’ll be able to access all our family photos already organized and labeled. Wish my ancestors and parents had had this!

Happy Trails,




Some of my trip pictures safely stored and organized on


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4 Responses to Blog: Road Trip

  1. Liz Propst says:

    Fun blog Mary….now if I could only get my husband to not always need to bid on Priceline for rooms to get a good deal, because that takes a few days which means not too much winging it! Glad you two had fun!!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Sounds like a fun trip! But what did your husband think? Will he do a road trip again?

    • Mary says:

      He had a blast. He’s already typed up all his notes and emailed them to me so all I have to do is copy and paste into our digital family book. He actually had so much fun that even on our weekend jaunts he wants to stop and take pictures of unusual things! We found a few things not on any lists we could find and not on our usual web locations so he submitted those! Looks like next year will be another one!

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