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Life happens!  I found this out two and a half weeks ago that activities CAN stop if they have to.  Running around doing errands, working and doing everyday chores can stop if need be and will. Let’s back up just a bit.  In early December of 2013 I slipped and fell on black ice.  Unbeknownst to me I had injured both shoulders catching myself during that fall.  In February 2014 I had right shoulder surgery which ended up being a “small” surgery (If there’s even such a thing as small surgery) and went thru rehab and it’s working like new! The left shoulder we opted to try fix with physical therapy. That was not to happen and in November of 2014 an MRI showed a rotator cuff tear. I had rotator cuff surgery right before Thanksgiving and would not wish it on anyone.  The repair was not minor and neither was the 5 months of rehab.  I learned to accept help from others. My Life group here at home, my prayer partner, my Pixie partners and a handful of close friends were emotional lifesavers!

Life was about back to normal and so were my sleep patterns, although frustrated I still couldn’t lift more than two pounds and was still having some discomfort in the left shoulder, but I reasoned it would never be back to “normal” the way God made it.  Two and a half weeks ago I was a passenger in a car and moved my arm only to have pain shoot thru my shoulder.  An MRI a couple days later showed another tear in the rotator cuff and emotions ran rampant.  Again my prayer partner, Life group, close friends and Pixie Partners came thru and emotionally gave me the advice and support I needed to face another surgery. Anticipating the pain this time I did like most of us would do before surgery, caught up work, stocked the fridge, did laundry etc…. (My husband is a great helper but works 8-12 hour days).  Thursday afternoon, less than a week after the painful incident, I rolled into the operating suite.

I remember waking up in recovery realizing my shoulder did not hurt (Oh yeah I had a nerve block) and waiting for the surgeon to come and update me.  When he did the news was great.  The MRI was not correct and the problem had been minor and just required a “clean up” thru arthroscopy and not a large incision like the November surgery.  22 hours later when the block finally wore off I still had no pain.  I’m two and a half weeks out now.  The sling is only on part time and rehab has already started.  I’m excited I will not be in a sling for Forever Live in Atlanta!

My point really is Whoa………life can stop when it has to.  Allow friends to help whether it is physically or emotionally. Accept it. No one likes being dependent on others. Allow it.  One day you will probably be the one helping them.  There is nothing that happens to us that surprises God and this didn’t either. I’m so very grateful for those people He put in my path that are always there to share my joys and successes and hold me up when things don’t go quite the way I plan. I keep counting my blessings for all the people who have helped me thru this and wish life’s most abundant blessings to fall on them!

P.S. There is a digital kit to match the picture!

See you in Atlanta!


Artisan by Panstoria Software, pixels2Pages, digital scrapbook layoutBumps Bruises Kit by Peppermint Creative. Font: Effloresce Antique

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14 Responses to Blog: Whoa!

  1. Sandy says:

    I’m so happy to hear that everything went well. Can’t wait to meet you in Atlanta!!

  2. Cornmama101 says:

    Oh Mary,
    I am so sorry to hear about your surgery, but so glad that things are moving smoothly and that you are healing and recovering nicely. I look forward to our visit in Atlanta. See you soon.

  3. sistersunshine says:

    Prayers coming your way… *U* K

  4. Deanna Emmert says:

    Additional prayers for you for swift healing and His calm presence. Have fun in Atlanta! 🙂

  5. kerr695 kerr695 says:

    So happy to hear you are now pain free after your arthroscopic clean out and busy making pages. Sweet picture, lovely hat and delightful page.

  6. Ruth Bell says:

    Great that everything has turned out well. Your smile is lovely.

  7. Linda DeLaughter says:

    Oh dear Mary! I had not heard about your surgery, but I am ecstatic to hear that the procedure was more minor than expected! So glad you are mending quickly and that your beautiful, happy face will be in Atlanta in a few weeks!!! XOXO

  8. Liz Propst says:

    You have a grateful heart, as you should!! Be blessed as you continue to heal!

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