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Recently someone asked “Why do you take photos?”

It struck me as possibly one of the biggest questions of all time!! Almost like asking why do I breathe?

The answer is probably multi-layered and could very well be a series of blog posts (now there’s an idea!!!). It got me thinking about how many photos I have on my computer, various hard-drives and stored and sorted in boxes.

My initial answer was “To hold on to memories and look back at the photos and reminisce about the moment in time.”

I also love the stories that go with the photos. I love that I have evidence that we have lived. I’ve watched my boys grow and taken photos to document that all their lives. The photos below show a little snapshot of their lives and many stories of the days and times pictured.

I love being the record keeper, the documenter and the collector of memories. All of my photos are my most valuable possessions. I remember my babies, the people, the places and the things that have come and gone.

They are milestones, celebrations, good times and bad.

Sunny days, meals, fun, laughter. They prove a wonderful life.

They will remain and remind me of who I was, who we were and what we did.

It’s a simple question really, “Why do you take photos?”

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2 Responses to Blog: I take photos because.

  1. Beverly Goodrich says:

    All very good reasons!

    I would also add to your list: to capture the beauty around me.

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