pixels2Pages Digital Scrapbooking Blog - Nov 2015 - Penny PetersonI’ve been scrapbooking off and on since I was a little girl. It’s always been important for me to collect photos and memorabilia of all kinds, and to tell the story that goes with them. And the older I get, the more I appreciate my scrapbooks – and I love seeing how important they have become to my family as well.

I have to admit that during the years when my children were very small, I did not do much scrapbooking (although I still did plenty of photo and memorabilia collecting!). But one day a fellow mom invited me to a Creative Memories event, and I was immediately hooked – scrapbooking became my preferred method of relaxation and de-stressing.

So to finance my growing yen for scrapbooking supplies, I became a Creative Memories consultant. I found that I loved teaching classes, hosting workshops, and helping people one-on-one. I also loved running my very own business, putting to use many of the skills that I had learned during my time in the corporate world.

In due course, my living and dining room became a permanent scrapbook room, filled with tools and supplies, inventory to sell and completed albums to enjoy. And then Storybook Creator came on the scene, and it opened a whole new world of opportunities, both creative and business-wise. Then life threw me a curve ball, and scrapbooking of any kind was put on hold for several years.

Eventually my life reached a new equilibrium, and I was able to get back to scrapbooking again. But alack, alas, all of my many boxes of traditional scrapbooking supplies were packed away in storage. Digital scrapbooking to the rescue! I fell in love all over again. I got addicted to all the cool things I could do digitally that I couldn’t easily do with my traditional scrapbooking. (Don’t get me wrong, I still love traditional scrapbooking supplies as well – oh paper, sweet paper!)

So there I was, telling my stories, preserving my photos, enjoying the creative experience, and sharing my finished pages with my family. But still, something seemed missing from my scrapbooking life. Then, I discovered the online scrapbooking world and of course pixels2Pages. With trepidation, I posted my first page on the p2P Facebook group, and then another, and another. I was warmly welcomed first as a p2P fan, then as a member, and ultimately as a brand-new Pixie.

And even though by then I had moved half a continent away from my in-person scrapbooking buddies, when I went online, I found the missing pieces of my scrapbooking puzzle – community, camaraderie, inspiration, motivation, sharing, support, and of course, laughter, lots of laughter. Those were the qualities that I loved best about my Creative Memories classes, workshops, and retreats, and those were the qualities that were missing from my solitary scrapbooking experience.

This all came into sharp focus for me at Forever LIVE in Atlanta. It was amazing to get to meet so many of my online scrapbooking friends in person, most of whom I had never met in real life before.  We hugged, we laughed, we told stories, we gathered together in groups small, large, and ball-room-sized. We ate some amazing meals together. And we ate cookies. Lots of cookies.

At the gala banquet on Saturday night, when the Pixies were invited to come forward, I stood looking out over the ballroom, seeing the smiling faces of old friends and new, and the room was filled with an amazing, special spirit of community and camaraderie. It gave me goosebumps and made me teary-eyed.

So, my friends – thank you all for being a part of my life, and for making me a part of yours.




Pixie Dust: Sept. 2013 “Eclectic Collection”, Dec. 2014 “Holiday Swirls”

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9 Responses to Blog: Community & Camaraderie

  1. dianalj says:

    It was so nice and so much fun meeting you Penny! Thank you so much for your help in Atlanta with the loading of my new A5 software. I look forward to learning more from you and can’t wait to see you again!

  2. Elizabeth H. says:

    It was such a joy to meet you in person and enjoy time to get to know one another during our dinners at Forever LIVE. Thank you for sharing such true feelings in your blog. I can’t wait for our paths to cross again!

  3. I watched the “Forever Live” FaceBook posts with envy from California…I’m so glad you were able to have such a wonderful experience. Your blog captured my CM scrapbooking feelings so well, Penny. Thank you for sharing them with those of us who didn’t get to go. – Fawn

  4. LindyB says:

    Penny, it was so great to find out that you live just an hour away from me! I do hope that we will eventually get to scrap together in person! I have been a bit lonely since leaving my digi scrap family in Md. We just need to decide when and where!

  5. sistersunshine says:

    Penny, Peace & joy. Truly you have summed up the journey for many of us long time scrappers… for those that don’t understand how we can truly be FRIENDS & FAMILY when we have never met in person, or would be willing to travel the distance (for me from Michigan to Georgia) JUST TO MEET in the flesh those online friends… well ’tis sad one can only hope that they will one day find a group that cares and shares and encourages and challenges and well befriends them so well. *U* Kathleen who enjoyed the brief hi & hug in Atlanta… we’ll really need to chat more…

  6. Jan says:

    You captured my feelings well, Penny! It is so much fun to get together in person with our cyber friends!

  7. Linda DeLaughter says:

    P2P has brought many of us together — we are sisters from other mothers! It was absolutely wonderful to meet you and our other wonderfully talented Pixies in person in Atlanta! I look forward to learning more about the great features of A5 and can’t wait to see you all again!

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