I know it’s a first world problem, but here at my place our own little world is in chaos. No proper internet connection for over 3 weeks, in fact, nearly an entire month! One company blaming the other for the issue – my internet providor is blaming the company that own and maintains the lines, and yep, you got it, the owner of the lines is blaming my internet provider! Exams about to hit – study time is so important, a Crop happening and me needing internet so badly for work! It’s all happening!!! I’ve been hotspotting my phone and blowing out my phone plan, just to get by on the absolutely necessary things I have to do, but working with image files tends to use a lot of data! I’ve organised little wifi portable modem for the kids to hook into, but the amount of data it holds means that if they watch a lecture on line, the data gets sucked up pretty quickly, but at least they could get to download some documents. We are in chaos! We depend so much these days on internet, and when it doesn’t work we assume it’s going to come back online in no time at all, but at our house we have been waiting for a fix for far too long. Multiple days in a row with nothing, then a connection for a few short hours, or even just minutes, and then it’s gone again. Our provider is blaming low voltage on the line – and they are sticking to that theory! Three technicians have been to look at the issue – and late yesterday I thought it was all fixed, but then I got up this morning, and nothing again. It couldn’t have happened at a worse time with exams and the p2P Scrap2Gift Crop.

I have to be glad though that I managed to get all my work done, and the website posts done for our Scrap2Gift Crop prior to the totally dead days that we were experiencing). While I wasn’t able to get on and comment on all the fabulous pages and gifts that everyone was sharing on our Facebook Page, I could see that people were enjoying themselves and everything we provided – and that made me happy. I have to be glad that there are others on the p2P team that were able to comment on all the great things that were being shared with us. I have to be glad that my kids actually didn’t have huge meltdowns about it – especially when they could see how stressed I have been trying to get answers and how many phone calls I’ve been on going round and round in circles, and it made them think about how to get around these problems by going to friends houses, or extra days and hours at university. I have to be happy that it really was just internet issues, and not power, water, food or natural disasters. We still have our home, our telephone line and the ability to hotspot from my phone (which I had never done before). But – going from unlimited broadband, to a limit of 2GB was a big difference – needless to say, I have blown out my phone plan by a lot of $$$$. Hoping that when I wake up tomorrow – the internet will be working and our issues are magically resolved, my provider will refund all the money I’ve spent – and if not – maybe it’s time for a new provider and maybe forking out more $$$ to get cable, oh the joys of having to change everything from emails to subscriptions to banking accounts – everything! We are so dependent on www.

Content used: Peppermint Creative: Techo Geek Kit, Hey Dude (Alpha Set).   Clone tool used on “the great internet crash” embellishment to insert Internet.Cutting tool used on the Alpha set as each letter is individual keyring style tags, which I love but for this layout I wanted a keyboard look.
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13 Responses to Blog: First World Problem

  1. Vicki says:

    I feel for you Janice. I understand your pain!! I had nothing but problems with my internet connection on and off for about 6 months, I never knew when it would stop working or how long it would be out. I felt cut off from the world! We are so dependent on the internet aren’t we! Thankfully I finally got it fixed and I do hope you get your issues solved sooner than later. I love the page you did.

    • Janice says:

      Oh my – 6 months Vicki!!! I’m pulling my hair out and I’m into my second month! Threatening to change providers now to see if that gets things moving more quickly!

  2. Melissa Sullivan says:

    Oh My I think I’d have to find some place else to live it went on that long! It really is amazing how reliant we now are on the internet. Good luck! I know dealing with our provider is a nightmare! I do absolutely LOVE that you scrapbooked it though!

    • Janice says:

      Thanks Melissa – I wanted to put a big red angry face emoticon on that page… LOL Woke up this morning – to yep – nothing again. It’s so hard to get anything done, thankfully I can hotspot my phone for the things I really need to do, but I’m not looking forward to the bill, or the phone call I’m going to have again about it!

  3. junegauntley says:

    Oh Janice!! That’s where you were!!!! Behind the dark screen of no www!!! So sorry you are having so much trouble! Your page is amazing and so creative!!

    • Janice says:

      Yep – so frustrated June! Popped in to post my pages, check if there were anything issues and then hoping like anything it would come on again. It was the worst!!!! Still is! 🙁

  4. Cari Kidwell says:

    I loved your blog and the page you created! I can’t imagine the stress you have undergone during this time; worrying about the Crop and your children’s school work. I can tell you that being on the other end of the Virtual Crop for Scrap2Gift, I saw no problems. It was a great Crop and thank you for all the hard work you and you team put forth to make it a success!

    • Janice says:

      So glad you enjoyed everything Cari! There’s a lot of planning and prep that goes on before a crop and it’s worth every bit of it to see all the sharing of pages and comments that happen during our quarterly big crops! Thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂

  5. Terry Vachowski says:

    I knew you usually disappeared for awhile before crops because you were busy putting things together for us. But you usually managed to poke your head in to check on everyone in between, so I thought there must be something major going on. I am so sorry! That all sounds so frustrating! My kids all flew the coop long ago, but I can imagine how much your kids must need the internet now for school. I SO hope this all gets resolved for you soon. Hang in there, Janice!

    • Janice says:

      Thanks Terry! I was so glad to get the majority of work done for the crop before everything was crashing for long periods of time – phew!!!! I’m hotspotting my phone right now so I can check in here, then it’s back on the phone again! It’s amazing how much we depend on the internet now compared to when I was at school!

  6. Linda DeLaughter says:

    Janice, you are so right! The internet is our link to the world. Even P2P could not exist without it. Our subdivision has “old” internet pedestal terminals, and many residents must use satellite wireless services to access the internet. We are one of the lucky ones who do have DSL. However, the download speed was so slow this week that it took 15 minutes to download only part of the papers in a kit that I purchased. Dowloading the zipped files took almost all day.

    I look back and laugh when I remember AOL (America On Line) and the “screeching” in the computer when it dialed up and connected! That was only 15-20 years ago when there was no such thing as “surfing the net”.

    Hope your internet service is back up to speed!

    • Janice says:

      Oh Linda – that noise from dial up – I can still replay it in my head!!! And then, sitting there, waiting slowly while the screen filled up with images line by line! We get so used to things happening instantly now! 🙂
      It’s defiitely a challenge trying to work without Broadband – I think it’s time for me to threaten changing providers and getting cable, just to see if that makes things happen! But I don’t think they even know what’s going on!

  7. Justine says:

    I love your page Janice … sorry that you are STILL having issues {big hugs} – it is amazing how much we rely on internet for just about everything 🙂

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