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It’s been a wild and crazy month!!  Between the launch of Artisan 5 at the beginning of the month and our Scrap2Gift crop last weekend, we’ve been going gangbusters over here at pixels2Pages.  I’m going to keep this opening report short and sweet, though, because we had so much extra stuff posted this month that I want to make sure you didn’t miss any of it.  And I haven’t even included the Crop posts, since they’ve already gone back into the vault.  Yesterday was download day, and, due to the number of questions we have received about the Magic Wand, we even posted a video two weeks early!  Here’s hoping November is not quite as busy, since we know you are working hard to get projects completed.

Just one reminder that we have several Facebook groups that you may want to join:

Artisan 5: Good2Know is a TEMPORARY group for anyone who is already working with Artisan 5.  It’s a place for bug reports, general information, and a bit of hand-holding as you work your way around the program.

p2P Our2Cents is a place that you can post pages that you’re just not happy with and get some constructive suggestions for how to make them better.

p2P Plan2Scrap is for those of you who like a little accountability and community as you tackle your scrapping projects.

p2P FOREVER Ambassadors is for anyone who has signed up as a FOREVER Ambassador and chosen p2P as your upline (or your upline is on our team).  This group is open only to Ambassadors on our team.

And of course, we still devote most of our time to our pixels2Pages Facebook page – if you haven’t liked it yet, please do!

October Posts

Now let’s see what was posted on p2P last month – the headings are links to the content described, and you’ll see images (which are not links) of October posts in the galleries that follow each heading.  Click on the image to see the title and author of the content.

Challenges…for those who like to learn by doing

Tips…for those who like to learn by reading


Blueprints…for those who like shortcuts to gorgeous pages



Videos…for those who like to learn by watching and those who like to see the designer’s creative process in action

This month, we went WAY OVER our scheduled one video per week, as we had SEVEN new videos this month!!  We will be back to our regularly scheduled Start2Finish this coming week, but we’ll be taking a week off the week after, which is when the Magic Wand video was due to post.


Pixie Dust…for those who love a little extra digital content

Behind the Globe Blog posts: …for those who want to get to know the pixels2Pages team and see how we make digital scrapbooking a part of our lives


Checklists and Handouts:…for those who love lists!

Frequently Asked Questions have been redone (and are being updated) – please check there first when you have a question!

The Resources page is full of great FREE information, and we’ve added a new Artisan 5 category

Pages Magazine is another awesome resource – enjoy!

November Calendar

Finally, here’s what you can expect in November, thanks to Tameka’s fantastic calendar:


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2 Responses to Blog: Rabbit, Rabbit November

  1. Peg Brandon says:

    I don’t have (or want) a Facebook account. I do have (and like) A5 and have some questions about some features. Is there any way to access Good2Know information without having to join Facebook?

    • Jan says:

      Peg, we have a good bit of A5 information on our Resources page, in Pages magazine, in our FAQs, and in last month’s tips and videos. To join the Good2Know group, you would need to have a Faceboook account. It is possible to join FB and never post anything – not trying to coerce you – just want to make sure you know that.

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