NewChapter_Banner_TBI have been working with Forever Artisan 5 for three months now and boy, am I having a blast! This software has truly jump-started my creativity. It is just now beginning to feel like second nature using the software. It wasn’t always that way. I struggled with Artisan 5 at first. It was familiar, but not second nature.   I was so accustomed to blazing through my pages quickly with Artisan 4, but using Artisan 5 sometimes required me to stop and think about what I was doing.  There were also bugs being discovered, and it took time to realize it was actually a bug. The bugs were being fixed rather quickly and there is still a small list of bugs left to be fixed. This undoubtedly slowed me down. That could be frustrating, but for me it was empowering. I knew I had to learn the ins and outs of the software so I could help our p2P members and others who were transitioning to Artisan 5.   This was the same for my other team members.

If you haven’t heard, pixels2Pages has created a Facebook Group called Artisan 5: Good2Know.   We created this group because we knew so many of you were transitioning as well.   The “move” can be a little scary and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

What I have noticed:

  • People are afraid of the unknown, and thus are hesitant to make the switch to Artisan 5.
  • People are expecting everything to work exactly as it did in Artisan 4.
  • People are frustrated due to bugs in the software.
  • People get overwhelmed by the learning curve.
  • People love the software.

What I have learned:

  • You have to dive in. That is the only way to get familiar with the software.   Continuing to use Artisan 4 when you have Artisan 5 is only going to delay the inevitable.
  • In order to improve on an already great product, things have to change.   I know that some things had us in a nice little comfort zone, but we need to step out of that comfort zone.
  • No new software is perfect in the beginning.   During the time that the p2P team beta-tested the software, we discovered a large amount of bugs and made suggestions to keep the familiar feel of Artisan 4 within Artisan 5. We couldn’t catch all of the bugs because everyone creates differently. Sometimes fixing one bug created another bug.   For those who took the plunge and dove right in the Artisan 5, you are very valuable because you provided a larger audience to work with the software. You discovered a few more bugs and provided your feedback. Forever has been taking that feedback and updating the software to improve the functionality. You’ve got to admit, they put out the first 3 updates rather quickly.
  • Just do it.   The more you use it, the easier it gets. Don’t over think it. Ask for help. Join the Artisan 5: Good2Know Facebook Group. Get a p2P Membership. We are there to help.

Artisan 4 and Artisan 5 are truly amazing software programs. You can run both on your 64 bit computer, but once you make that transition to Artisan 5 stick with it.   The entire pixels2Pages team were where many of you are now, but we committed to learning Artisan 5. As long as you keep a back up of your projects, finish them in Artisan 5. Don’t wait to finish the project in Artisan 4. Utilize all of the advances that Artisan 5 has to offer.

The most important piece of advice I have to offer you is “JUST HAVE FUN!”

Happy Cropping.

CLICK HERE if you have a 64 Bit computer and want to purchase Artisan 5 today!

CLICK HERE if you have a 64 Bit computer and want to upgrade to Artisan 5 today!

Here are a few pages that I created in Artisan 5 that originated in an Artisan 4 project. I may not have used any major bells and whistles of Artisan, but the fact that I was able to work on two pages at once without the need to constantly save, was a biggie for me.

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10 Responses to Blog: The Joys and Pains of Artisan 5

  1. Beverly Goodrich says:

    Thanks for being the front people and the go-between people with us the customers and Forever. I am sure it helped them from having to sort though all our reports of bugs – and it helps us to know that they hear us. So thanks again!

  2. Cornmama101 says:

    KatieK, I am like you, I have been away from digital scrapbooking for awhile, my husband was sick about the time Artisan 4 can out and I never really learned all it could do. He passed about 2 years ago. Looking pictures was hard for me, I have gradually gotten past that now.
    When I heard that Artisan 5 was coming out at the Forever Live Event, I just know I wanted to go. I thought that being around other people being excited about the new program would help me get my mojo going again. I still feel rusty and very slow doing pages that I once just took for granted . I have never done a double page before and thought that they were only for bound books and I usually print pages because I skip around when I scrap. It might be a picture or a paper or even and embellishment that will cause me to want to make a page. I am also a little older than I was a couple of years ago. But, I really want to learn this program and determined that I will. All of the pixies are so helpful and so willing to teach you what they know and I want to be a sponge and absorb every bit of information….. So I’m going to “Just do it”. The “Enjoy the View” video is packed with wonderful information and challenges for me, but I Will DO It.

  3. Kristeen says:

    You are so right! If Artisan 5 was brand new – and we had no “old habits” we would love it but because we are comparing it to something else, instead of getting frustrated. Just like when you get your 1st SmartPhone – you had nothing to compare it to so you embrace the new and enjoyed the features… I was explaining new technology to a friend once and after a few “lessons” she remarked – “So you are saying … don’t be a baby” — yeah basically Artisan 5 has so many cool features and the developers are so great about jumping on bugs when they are reported its worth it and I am remembering my friend’s words “don’t be a baby” 🙂

  4. Linda Money says:

    Panstoria’s History and reputation says it all for me. I started out with the first program in CM and have used it exclusively ever since. As soon as I saw Artisan 5, I immediately downloaded. I knew it was going to be full of exciting new features and I didn’t want to miss a moment. I brought in my current album and started making my first page in A5. Yikes! What have I done. Everything is so different. Maybe I should have started out with just a page or two and learned some of the new things that way. Well, I could have done that and maybe that is a good way for some people but I’m an explorer and adventurer so here we go. I’ve made about 10 new pages now and I still find it a little frustrating at times because it is different but once I learn how and where things are, I’m excited to find out more. Thank you to Panstoria for the best digital scrapbooking program EVER! and thanks to all the pixies for all their hard work and wonderful ways to teach the rest of us.

    • Linda Money says:

      Actually, I meant that I have used every version and upgrade of the program from CM to Panstoria to Forever. In my opinion, there is no better digital scrapbook program anywhere.

  5. Barbara Mitchell says:

    Oh, Tameka! I love your perspective!!! I am one to jump right in, both feet, without a life vest! I love a challenge, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Artisan 5! Yes, there is a learning curve. I am so thankful you Pixies were the beta testers. I have beta tested other software, and it is always a challenge to figure out what the true “bugs” are, and what is just a different way of doing things. Your Start2Finish video is a wealth of information and I am excited to see where you Pixies take us from here! Thanks to all of you for the hard work you do in being such an amazing training and support group for all of us. Hugs!

    • Tameka says:

      You hit the nail on the head and I can’t believe I didn’t include it in my blog, but many thing people think are bugs are not and its simply the new way the software handles things.

  6. Sandy says:

    I love the attitude of “Just do it”. I have been having so much fun since I got the program to install. Yes, there are things that are different, but as with everything in life you can choose to embrace the change or frustrate yourself because of it. I LOVE everything I can do with A5!! I just need to remember to click the button that saves my choices (now becoming second nature) before moving onto the next step. My big ambition is to open all the projects I had started in A4 and get them completed so I can use my crop coupon.

  7. KatieK. says:

    Tameka – thanks for the supportive advice about just doing it. I’ve been away a long time from digital scrapbooking for the usual life reasons and it was the release of Artisan 5 that made me choose to jump back in, trying to find the moments between to get going again. Being away has made me rusty and then it being a new program(to me it seems) – oh so frustrated with myself. Feeling stupid is a good way to describe it! Not as easy as getting back on my bike. Yet like you have so perfectly put into words – I have to approach just like I did when I first started back in the SBC days when the only way to learn was to do.
    One of the best new features is the ability to work on two pages at once – haven’t tried it yet but the ease of doing so as you demonstrated in the Start2Finish page “Enjoy the View”. This feature is worth the upgrade and all else is frosting in my book!
    Thanks Tameka again for helping all of us.

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