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Life is so much fun.  I’m blessed to have a wonderful family and great friends.  A few years ago my husband and I were asked to join a group of people for a weekly Bible study.  They were studying a book called Crazy Love by Francis Chan and it became the start of our “Life Group”.  Many people have asked what’s the difference between a Bible study and a Life Group.  My answer…’Life”.  We live life together. No not under the same roof (that would really test our friendship I’m sure) but in our daily activities.

We still gather once a week to study God’s word but in-between we live life together.  We enjoy dinner either planned or at the spur of the moment because our kids are young adults now and learning to live on their own. We text prayer requests.  We laugh and celebrate fun things and accomplishments our kids and grandkids do and we cry together when we’re trying to “struggle well”. Mostly we are accountable to each other.  To be the kind of people Jesus would have us be, serving and helping others.

One of our group members has moved quite a few states away due to a job relocation. We have actually made the effort to see them both. In August we all joined them at their son’s wedding and more recently a life group trip to the beach.  Another one of the  spouse’s is out of town working on a job while the one remains here. We Skype that spouse in to our Bible study.

Our group is about connecting with each other, loving, serving and supporting each other both physically and emotionally.  We can dig down to the nitty gritty when one of us is having a pity party and cry with them right before we lovingly support them while moving forward.  The ladies cooked a big breakfast for the guys one Saturday morning and then they guys went about helping each other get their “Honey Do” lists knocked out! The chores weren’t quite as bad when they had helpers!

I love to scrapbook these pages because they remind me how blessed I am.  They remind me I have friends to help me through struggles.  They also help me remember the laughter we’ve all shared.  They remind me to model myself after Jesus and no one else. They remind me that “Life” is not about me.

If you aren’t already a part of a group like this I encourage you to start one.  Be the friend and love unconditionally even when it’s inconvenient.




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  1. Liz Propst says:

    Super blog Mary…..I so agree!! For your journaling did you add vellum behind or did you use glow? Very readable!! Thanks!

  2. adakallen says:

    Great Page!
    Great fun activities! If we had more of these types of activities we would have less time for violence…Love It!

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