I am not really known as a rule breaker.  The rule, according to Jan (the p2P Mothership), is that, while traveling, you never eat at a chain restaurant.  On a recent road trip with Shelley and Mary, Mary and I learned that Shelley had never been to Denny’s.  Mary and I felt this rule needed to be broken, because, after all, Denny’s is part of our American culture.  And, it’s always open!  I included Mary on this decision so I didn’t have to be the only rebel.  And Shelley didn’t object.  Our breakfast plan was to stop at Denny’s in Louisiana on our way to Atlanta.  It was a good Denny’s breakfast.  They are pretty consistent on their food no matter what state you are in.

This rule breaking provided a few good opportunities – a good meal, share a part of American culture with Shelley, and provided a fun picture taking moment.

I can’t talk about Denny’s and not mention my favorite seasonal movie – The Santa Clause.  To set the scene:  It is Christmas eve.  The dad (Scott Calvin) has his son just for the evening.  The son (Charlie) really doesn’t want to be there.  The dad attempts to fix a Christmas dinner for his son and burns the turkey.  They head out on Christmas eve to find a restaurant for dinner.Blog_DennysItsAnAmericanInstitution_TheSantaClause

…. pulling into the Denny’s parking lot

Scott:  Alright, Denny’s it’s always open.

Charlie:  I don’t wanna eat here.

Scott:  What are you talking about? Everybody loves Denny’s. It’s an American institution!



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3 Responses to Blog: Denny’s, It’s An American Institution

  1. adakallen says:

    Yes! Denny’s and Buc-es! American Culture for sure!

  2. Liz Propst says:

    I’m with Jan on the rule….but I don’t just follow it on road trips but all the time!!

  3. Ruth Bell says:

    I met my first p2P peep at a Denny’s restaurant! Flying J’s cater to RV’s and usually include a Denny’s restaurant.

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