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This is the story of a new generation. Not the generation I am from! The “Selfie” generation. You know you’ve seen them! Bathroom mirrors the world over are the starting point for the unabashed phenomenon! Arms out, mobile phone in hand and ‘click’ just at that point when your lips purse and the so called “Duck Face” comes to visit!

Recently I needed a portrait (and I use that word loosely!!!) for an identifying document. At the same time the theme “ME” was a photo prompt I was following. So, I thought to myself “I can just take a selfie”. *Insert light bulb above my head right here!

I borrowed a selfie stick from a teenager (he gladly handed it over, laughing the whole time!) I found my ‘light’ spot and began taking the photos. About 20 minutes later I was still going! I had not got one photo I was happy with. I deleted about 70 and the other 40 still on my phone were a bit drab!

Standing there, all alone looking at myself in the screen of my phone, pouting, pursing, smiling, lips together, lips apart, glasses on, glasses off! Boy did I feel like a weirdo! That’s when I got the giggles. I’m sure some of the best photos happened then! Laughing at myself and how funny I must look if anyone saw me! I’m not from the selfie generation, but it doesn’t ever hurt to have a good laugh at yourself and it certainly does not hurt to have a few photographs of yourself if for nothing other than making a fun page about!!!

Go on, grab your selfie stick and go take a pic or two. I dare you not to do the “duck face!”

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7 Responses to Blog: Duck Face

  1. Terry Vachowski says:

    And here I thought I was the only one who couldn’t do it right!

  2. Beverly Goodrich says:

    And here I expected this blog post to tell me how to get that perfect selfie photo. Guess I need to ask my teen daughter for tips as mine are horrid too. Cute page and photos. Love the kitty one.

  3. Sandy says:

    It’s always great when we can make ourselves laugh, especially if the object of the laughter is ourselves. It looks like you had a lot of fun.

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