Have you noticed green lines appearing when you are moving elements around in Artisan 5? This video will show you just how useful these tracking lines are, and how to edit them if you wish to.

Tracking Lines [2:07 min]


This Pixie Power Minute was originally created for pixels2Pages members. It is now available free of charge to complement our Getting Started with Artisan 5 program. For more beginner lessons in Artisan 5 software click HERE.

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8 Responses to Pixie Power Minute: Tracking Lines

  1. Christine Smith says:

    All these clever things I didn’t know I needed. Well done to the software designers! And of course you Pixies for doing all these great tutes.

  2. Sandy says:

    I really LOVE the tracking lines. They make creating a page so simple!!!

  3. I love the tracking lines! I think they are my next best favorite thing about Artisan 5!

  4. Suzanne says:

    I love the tracking lines!!

  5. Darlene Hritz says:

    Nice. This will be really helpful since my align buttons really got a workout in the previous software!

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