What is a stroke? This video covers the basics of the Stroke in Artisan 5.

Basic Strokes [1:47 min]


This Pixie Power Minute was originally created for pixels2Pages members. It is now available free of charge to complement our Getting Started with Artisan 5 program. For more beginner lessons in Artisan 5 software click HERE.

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3 Responses to Pixie Power Minute: Basic Strokes

  1. anne1224 anne1224 says:

    Thank you so much for all this information! I have a question about Strokes. I purchased Glitter Paint Strokes from Forever thinking I could use them as actual strokes. They don’t show up as a choice whenever I try to use them in strokes – only in embellishments. There are lots of other possibilities for strokes in my content, but it seems the choices are very limited when I work from the shape/stroke menu. There must be some stroke secrets that I haven’t figured out yet. Thanks for all you do!!

    • Tameka says:

      I just took a peek at that kit and they cannot be used as strokes in the way Artisan uses them. Those are simply embellishments. You can use embellishments, shapes and photos as patterned strokes (video coming soon.). However, if you use the Glitter Paint strokes in the Strokes portion of the software, it won’t look exactly the way the designer intended. Artisan does have some built in Paint strokes that you can colorize and possibly even fill with glitter paper to achieve the effect you are after.

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