2015 is nearly done! There have been so many wonderful photos, stories and layouts that all of our Day2Day peeps have shared with us during the year. You have all been so committed to the project, taking a photo each day and sharing your lives with us. It’s been absolutely incredible! We just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU for everything you’ve done and shared with us and all the p2P fans during the year. There are those of you who have stuck at it no matter what. Those who stumbled, but picked yourselves up and carried on, not minding that you’d missed a couple of days here and there. Those of you who started but didn’t continue – good on you for giving it a go, and hopefully you’ll pick up your cameras and snap a photo a day next year.

With 2016 nearly upon us, it’s time to announce our Weekly Photo Themes for 2016. We have a handout and themed Pixie Dust for the first quarter for you to download. Remember though, the themes are just a prompt that may help you look through your camera lens a different way. You don’t have to use the theme each day, or at all – or you can decide to base your entire week around the theme – it’s your project, and totally up to you. The Day2Day project is there to do your way, in your style, to document your life as a photo library with some journaling to help celebrate your life, your activities, what you love, what you do, your traditions. And it’s a great place for those one-off photos that you’re just not sure where to put in other projects you may be working on. So get snapping with your “big girl camera”, your “point & shoot” or even your phone – whatever you have to hand, however you want to do it – this project is just for you!

Click on the download button below to download a pdf of the first quarter’s Themes and the Pixie Dust.


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16 Responses to Pixie Dust & Themes: Day2Day 2016

  1. roseannemaree@gmail.com says:


    I’m very new here. I have purchased the d2d 2016 kit. Am I able to change the dates so I can work on it now in 2018?

    • Tameka says:

      Hello Roseanne.

      You can change the date as you will. The templates are customizeable and the embellishments are available. Only the cover and one or two embellishments actually specify 2016. You can use the paint tool to paint over the 16 and add a text box with the new dates.

  2. ANN LARRABEE says:

    Can I get past P2P blueprints?

    • Alison says:

      Hi Ann, Members have access to all Blueprints issued during their continuous period of membership. If there are Blueprints you want from before you were a member, we are gradually releasing old Blueprints for sale in the Forever Store. We have a number of Classic Blueprint Collections already in the store from releases in 2011 and 2012, and are currently releasing collections for each quarter of 2013. The 1st quarter 2013 collection is already in the store and more are coming soon. If you go here https://store.forever.com/digital_content_search?facet=612, you’ll find everything we currently have available in the store. The product descriptions of each kit has a list of the Blueprints by name.

  3. Suzy Dust says:

    Hi Janice! Am I missing something – was there a non-D2D January 2016 Pixie Dust Collection? I am trying to catch up after the crazy Holidays and traveling the first week of January. Thank you! ~ Suzy

  4. Jeanne Fisher says:

    Thanks for the weekly themes. I am starting my 6th year of day2day and need all the help for ideas!! I depend on pixels2pages for info and ideas. Happy New Year to all of you.

  5. Tracey Kent says:

    As always a great selection of resources, thank you. I’m keen to start the year with good habits and tag my new content as I import it. I remember watching/reading something about how to tag content then use the tags for projects. I now can’t remember what it was I watched/read… any clues/links would be gratefully received

  6. Christine Smith says:

    I am one of the scrapers that fell off the bandwagon about March. Looking forward to trying it again in 2016. Thanks for all the encouragement and resources Pixies.

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