The digital content you use on your pages lives in your Content Library. The Forever Store has an extensive range of kits containing papers, embellishments, alphasets, shapes, edges and more that you can purchase and import into your software. Artisan 5 makes it easy to organize all of your content just the way you like it, so that you can easily find what you need when you’re making a page.

Below is a handout explaining how to find your content library in Artisan 5. Click the image to open the handout in large view to read or print out.

And here is one about downloading and installing digital art kits purchased from the Forever Store.


We have also created a number of tutorials explaining in depth how the Content Manager works in Artisan 5. In these tutorials, you will see how the three levels of organization – Library folders, categories and tags – work, and how to use them. These handouts show you how to create library folders, categories and tags, how to add your content to library folders, how to add kits to categories and how to tag individual elements within your kits. Click the image to go to the Content Manager tutorials, which are part of the full pixels2Pages membership.


To watch a video about managing your content, click here.

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2 Responses to Getting Started With Artisan 5 Handouts: About Digital Content

  1. Peggy Golden says:

    I purchased and downloaded Spilling Out Bonus Bundle (+ several freebies). I download them, found them in my download folder, double clicked and it said installing, then I put in the activation codes—but it is not showing up in my Commercial Artwork or CM Art Kits or my digital freebies. They are ALL showing up when I go to manage content. I followed the steps outlined above. I also closed out of Artisan and re-opened it. I assume there is something simple I’m not doing right—can you help?

    Also, since I’ve got you—how do I go about getting ALL of my content either under Commercial Artwork or CM Art Kits. I really don’t care where they are located as long as they are together in one place.

    I would appreciate any help you can give me.
    Peggy Golden

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