Before I go any further, I want to let you know THEY ARE OKAY!   My photos that is.   They are all okay, but with the blink of an eye, they could have been gone.

I used Carbonite as a back up for my old computer.  They did a good job at protecting my files (which included my photos).   My old laptop’s hard drive crashed and I needed a new computer.  Thankfully, I kept a back up on 2 EHDs, one of which failed and I didn’t know about that until after my computer died.  I purchased a brand new laptop and restored the files I wanted using the remaining EHD.  That was in July 2015.   I went about life.   I never moved Carbonite to my new computer, but did maintain backups on EHD.

On November 1, 2015, I received an email from Carbonite advising me that my subscription would be expiring on November 7, 2015 and that it would automatically renew.  There was nothing I needed to do.   I did know, however, that the card I used for that account had been replaced and I would need to update my info…but I never did.  On November 8th I received the following email.

Carbonite November 8

Okay.  So at this point I should have taken some action…and I meant to.  BUT LIFE HAPPENED.  I work 2 full time jobs, I have 3 kids, I had a recurring sinus infection.  Carbonite was on my “to do” list.

On November 18, 2015, I received the following email.  I hadn’t even seen this email before the end of December when I did a search so I could write my blog:

Carbonite November 18

On November 28, 2015 I received two emails:

Carbonite November 23 Carbonite November 23-2

I knew that it was time to take action…. but it was Thanksgiving week.  I was really busy at work and trying to get dinner together for my family.   I know it would have only taken a few minutes.  Procrastination is a killer, because I completely forgot about it.  There were no more emails (not saying they should have sent more).  Life happened and I simply forgot.  Time ran out.   When I realized it about December 10th (2 days past the deadline), I logged into Carbonite to renew.  From the log in page it looked like I was starting over.   I was pretty sure my files were deleted.  So I did not renew.  After all, I was only renewing as a security blanket because my stuff was there.  I was renewing “just in case”.  I emailed Carbonite to see if I paid the renewal fee, would I be able to recover my files.  This was the response I received:

Carbonite December 21

BUMMER!  Now, I want to make it clear that I am not bashing Carbonite.  I will surely get a new subscription.  They did the job I paid them to do for the period of time I paid them to do it – roughly 4 or 5 years at a cost of $59.99 per year.  It was fine as long as I paid.  This got me thinking.  What if I were hospitalized during that 30 day period?  What if I were unemployed?   I can’t say it enough, but life happens.  There are a trillion reasons why that $59.99 couldn’t make it from my account to Carbonite’s account.  30 days is not a lot of time, even though Carbonite did its due diligence.  Thankfully, I had Dropbox for my files (yet another subscription service I have had for 4 years at a cost of $99.00 annually).

All of this got me thinking about my Forever account.  Pay once and you are done!  The only things saved on my computer that I consider priceless are my photos, family videos and scrapbook pages.  Forever is the perfect place for me to save these items.  I never have to worry that my files will be deleted.  I can upload my most precious memories to my Forever account and they are guaranteed to be safe for my entire lifetime and more, even if I don’t pay another penny.  God willing, I would like to live a nice healthy life for the next 50 years.  Imagine paying for a subscription all of those years.  If I paid for my Carbonite subscription for the next 10 years (in addition to the five years I have already paid for), they could still delete my memories if I stopped paying.   By then I would have paid for a Forever account and then some.

If you are on the fence about purchasing your own Forever permanent storage account, please take a few things into account:

  • Life happens.
  • Hard drives fail – even the expensive ones.
  • Subscriptions can be very costly over time.
  • The Forever guarantee is pretty amazing.

I am loving my Forever guaranteed storage account and the entire suite of Forever products.

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One Response to Blog: Thank goodness! They are safe!

  1. Fran Arcoria says:

    This is my biggest fear Tameka along with losing the books/pages I have created. I have subscribed to the smallest Forever acct for my phone but Ive not fully integrated it into H4 or A4.
    Would love to learn more about backing up A4 and H4 using the method built into these software products. From my little bit of exposure I am needing to create a different way to categorize with forever. And as you say Life is Busy! Who has time to learn a new software

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