If you have organized your digital art kits using tags, you can use those tags to help you select the perfect kits to enhance your pages. Topics covered in this tutorial include:

  • what are Tags?
  • adding & deleting Tags,
  • assigning Tags to elements,
  • using Tags to select content,
  • deleting, renaming or removing Tags.

Click the image below to open the tutorial to read online or download and print for your personal use. Scroll down for a short video introducing you to Tags in Artisan 5.

Content Manager – Tags [3:16 min]


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11 Responses to Content Manager: Tags

  1. Anne Burgess says:

    When my tag has two words, I put a dash or a % between them and they stay as two words such as birthday – cake (they don’t make two tags). I tried the quotation marks and that didn’t work.

  2. JKT says:

    it seems all the freebie CM content and a lot of pixie dust came over to A5 untagged. I am glad to see this tutorial as it’s been five years and i forgot even how to use tags and categories. i will now be judicial in tagging and remove duplicate tags like animal animals. i didn’t know how to delete a tag. Good info for beginners. thank you

  3. Lori says:

    When I migrate my content from A4 to A5 will my tags migrate as well?

  4. fbailey says:

    Hi-I have tagged my pages from Click and Fill, Forever Design Maps, and so forth with the number of photos on each page. When I am in a project I can pull up my tags like “color”, “balloons”,” children”… but the tags for “2 photos” and “six photos” … come up empty. Is there no way to do so as it is a pain to go into Content Manager every time or to go into the individual kit to preview everything that is there. Thanks Faith

    • Tameka says:

      While you can tag page files in your content manager, you are not able to utilize the tags in your project. Tags for papers and embellishments work just fine, but not for page files. That is why we don’t recommend it.

  5. Judith McLeod says:

    I’ve been tagging for some time, and have learned a lot, like how to use more than one tag. I’ve read quite a bit, but now I Have gone to “Contents not tagged” and I’m trying to tag the loose ends! However, I have some built in kits (Party Time Sampler; Reflection Sampler, etc.) that I don’t seem to be able to tag. Is this normal? Any suggestions? Thanks.

  6. Candyce Johnson says:

    Somewhere in this information someone said that the tutorial gave her permission to delete tags. I thought about this – I was having a difficult time trying to figure out how to start my personal organization campaign. I decided to go to the 1000 embellishments that came tagged. For me this was very helpful. I went through those tags and thinking through my thought process when selecting embellishments I developed a list of helpful do and don’ts for my tags. Here are some of my personal examples of my learnings. My first ah ha is that for titles, quotes, words, alpha and numeric I did not care to indicate color or kit. If I was going for a “look” I would be using a kit. I did use topics like friends, love, family etc. This eliminated a huge amount of tags that would just clutter up my colors etc. My next learning was that I do not use the terms texture, stripes or tone on tone for embellishments. I do like these terms for paper however. Another learning was that I did not use color tags for Christmas. I do use color for items that are generic. So if I am doing a Christmas page and am looking for a red tag, I will check out red. If I am looking for Santa I would not look in red, I would look in Christmas. Another learning is that items tagged nature, had to look natural without being stylized or whimsical. I am sure that I will be learning more as I proceed.

    I am glad I took this approach, it really helped me figure out the best organization for my tags. Thank you to the P2P folks who provide all of this great information.

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