We have just had the most awesome crop at p2P. I can’t begin to express how amazing it was to see all of the p2P team and our fans rise to the challenge of creating 2016 pages over a 4 day weekend of cropping. (In fact we didn’t just make our target, we smashed it!) Our crops are always fabulous, but this one really was special. The focus was all on getting pages done and projects complete – and with that comes a wonderful sense of achievement. For many of us, scrapping is a creative outlet, a way to record our special memories, a way to love our families by making treasured keepsakes, a pleasurable break from other routines. But there is also something tremendously satisfying in a job well done, a goal met, a new technique learnt, a new work of art created.

Personally, I am so thrilled with what I got done over the crop weekend! Somewhere around 25 pages completed (even though I couldn’t crop for the whole weekend), big inroads into book 2 of my NZ trip, and beginnings made on my brother’s wedding album (only a week after the wedding! Yay!!). It is so fun to be working away feeling like everyone is in this together. If you were able to participate in the crop, I’m sure you feel the same sense of achievement as I do – or you should! Somehow, together we are greater than the sum of the parts.

But in order to have that sense of achievement, a lot of work has to happen first! Can I give a big shout out to my fellow p2P team members who planned, organised and ran the crop, designed Blueprints and Pixie Dust, made banners and badges, wrote website posts, answered questions, counted pages and did goodness knows what else? I have to say, we are an awesome team, and I feel so privileged to be working with this amazing group of women!

Then there’s the work we all had to do to be ready to crop – finding the photos we needed, planning pages, getting our content in order so we could find it – and the work of actually creating the pages – deciding on a Blueprint or layout style to use, picking out content, choosing fonts, writing up the stories, using the techniques we have learnt from p2P… A lot of time and effort goes into every page we make.

Of course, here at p2P we are always trying to find ways to help make that process easier! We make Blueprints and quick pages for you to make page design a breeze, we teach you the ins and outs of the software so you can create with speed and confidence, we help you organise your content so you can find exactly the paper or embellishment you were looking for, we help you organise your photos in Historian and plan albums so you can get to the fun part quickly, we inspire you with page ideas and fun techniques, and we encourage you to make and meet your scrapping goals. You have no idea how incredibly encouraging it is for us to see you making use of the resources we provide, and soaring to great heights in your own scrapbooking, because of them!

When you see all of that spelled out, it sure is something to be proud of! Everyone who crops along with us should have a great sense of achievement.

Here is the last official page I made for the crop. (You can click the image to enlarge if you want a closer look.) I’m more than two thirds through my second NZ trip book. On the road I took tons of photos of the countryside we were driving through, and it was a goal of mine to find creative ways to showcase some of those photos in my book. I enjoyed the process of building this page on the Blueprint base – choosing and re-colouring papers, finding and customizing the embellishments to suit my page and style, and telling the story. And I enjoyed the sense of achievement when it was done and I was happy with it!

Content used: #p2PKnowledgeIsPowerBP. Basic Creased Kraft kit by Jen Martakis Designs. Golden Essentials No. 04 kit, Letterbox Love Hearts by DesignerDigitals. Fonts: Petra Script EF, A Year Without Rain.




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9 Responses to Blog: A sense of achievement

  1. Annette says:

    Hi Justine, Thank you! I am really enjoying your pages from your New Zealand trip. I hope you will consider posting the entire albums when they are finished! Maybe on issu.com? Please?

  2. Terry Vachowski says:

    Amen and Amen, Alison! God Bless You All!

  3. Jan says:

    I echo your sentiments, Alison, and I also had fun actually working on one project this month! I’m reporting that I’ve already surpassed my ‘page a day’ goal for January (YAY!) and I’m 1/4 of the way through a book on my trip to Great Britain and Ireland. Now the trick is to see if I can fit the next 7 days into one book….

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