This year I started with some resolutions – not something I usually do (unless it’s getting fitter, healthier and to lose weight, which I say every year). Last year I fell into a bit of a hole – actually a very big hole – and had a lot of trouble trying to find my way out. I let things slide. No matter how many lists I wrote, even a blog post or two about how I was going to change things up, I just couldn’t seem to climb up and out of that hole. I was living on catch up mode, and pretty much always late.

This year I am being specific with my resolutions!

  • Post my Day2Day page each week on Sunday or Monday. (I really let that slide last year and felt like I was letting the Day2Day community down.)
  • Don’t put off work tasks. Keep on track.
  • Plan meals for the week – better eating. (Stop running to the supermarket every other day!)
  • Get the dreaded phone calls/must do’s out of the way first rather than just thinking about them. “Eat The Frog” (the last thing I want to do, but the first thing I should)!
  • And, yep – get healthier – no more excuses!

So ….. I have bought a planner! One of those cool ones that you can add stuff to and make it all pretty, decorate, stamp, draw, doodle – you know the type. But …. I am just using it for planning – writing my tasks, even the “call the dentist” ones that I hate doing. The only decorating I’ve really done is to stamp a little camera on each day so I can write my daily photo next to it. This will help making my Day2Day weekly page easier. I’m also jotting down little things of interest that happen, as well as appointments. I feel like this planner is really going to help. Sure – I have the family wall calendar where everyone enters important stuff, but I felt the need for my own space to get a bit more detailed.

I’ve even bought myself a new desk, drawers & computer stand just for work! It’s just a cheap one from IKEA, nothing too fancy as I got a proper craft stand up/sit down desk last Christmas that is super cool. My old work desk was a “hand me down” and it was huge, chipped, peeling and deteriorating! You could seat about 6 people around it, all with computers! Not that anyone could – I’m a great one for cluttering up a workspace – so it used to get covered with everything! It was the regular dumping ground for all things paper, not paper, and so many other things. Now I have a smaller desk – much more contained – spots for everything, and much more ergonomic. I put it together myself on Monday, (I’m getting to be a queen of flat packs!) – so now I have to go through all the rubbish that came out of the drawers and on top of the old desk and cull cull cull!

So far this year I have kept up to date on my Day2Day pages and photos, the planner is working really well, but we’ve hit a few rough patches with some sickness (not what we wanted for summer holidays) …. so – here’s to a “new me” for 2016!  Yep – and a healthier one too!


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5 Responses to Blog: Resolutions

  1. Jan says:

    Good for you, Janice. Being intentional is what it’s all about, isn’t it? Hope you are feeling better! xx

  2. Jan H says:

    Janice – sorry you have had the flu. Thank you for posting your D2D pictures. I did my first D2D album last year and felt like I got nothing else done. I made my pages too complex….when I saw your pages, it just inspired me to try it again this year…just getting a late start. I also made a list of daily goals for this year and posted them so they are within my visual field when I am sitting at the computer. I am amazed at how quickly I am getting into the routine of exercising, reading, sewing, scraping, and working on ancestry items each day….sometimes it is just one small item a day, but I am making progress. I am right there with you as we both work on our 2016 goals and resolutions.

    • Janice says:

      I’m so glad you’re going to give it another go this year Jan. I love this project so much and can’t think of not doing it ever! Keeping it simple this year will, as you have said, free up some time to get caught up on some gaps in my projects from previous years. Thank you for commenting and you have inspired me with your commitment to your daily goals – keep it up!!! 🙂

  3. Deanna says:

    Right with ya there on that sickness thing, Janice! Am getting over walking pneumonia. Not fun! Needless to say it’s hampered my photo taking greatly–even here in our rainy winter when the photo ops aren’t all that great anyway. Oh well. I will catch up and still make my D2D album uniquely mine. lol! Congrats on all the organizing! And here’s to ALL of us getting and staying healthy!

    • Janice says:

      Oh Deanna – that is so not good! I hope you are getting better real soon. I’m so pleased you are catching up on your D2D album, it was such a good feeling when I finally got that cover done. Was so much better than letting it slide! All the best – and I’m hoping that January was just the month to get all the lurgies out of the way for the rest of the year! Not quite how I expected to spend our summer vacation though.

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