If you have organized your digital art kits into categories, you can use those categories to help you select the perfect kits to enhance your pages. Topics covered in this tutorial include:

  • what are Categories?
  • adding Categories,
  • adding Kits to Categories,
  • using Categories to select content,
  • deleting, renaming or removing Categories.

Click the image below to open the tutorial to read online or download and print for your personal use. Scroll down for a short video introducing you to the Categories in Artisan 5.

Content Manager – Categories [3:23]


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16 Responses to Content Manager: Categories

  1. Janet says:

    Will these instructions work for Artisan 6?

  2. Teresa Blase says:

    Is there a way to tag specific blueprints that you use more often from different kits and put them into a separate category that you can use to change templates when making a digital scrapbook?

    • Tameka says:

      There is a lot here to answer. Blueprints are p2P Branded Templates. Membership Blueprints cannot be tagged or categorized because they are not kits, they are lose files. Pre-designed Pages, Templates and Blueprints that are purchased in the FOREVER Store can be organized into categories. They can also be tagged, however the tags do not work as intended when working in a project. Categories do.

  3. tinakbruderer@yahoo.com says:

    This was very helpful thx.

  4. Mindy Catlett says:

    I am wanting to organize my page templates by number of photos on the page. I created a category for 1 photo and I cannot seem how to get the pages from a kit that has one photo in the category. Can you help me?

  5. Sherri Smith says:

    I’ve started using Tags as Categories. This makes things easier to find and helps prevent the hair pulling, head banging, sobbing that happens when you lose all your categories.

    • Tameka says:

      As taught at p2P LIVE events, it is so easy to create categories, that there is no worries if you did lose them. There are lots of benefits from using all three content manager levels. Categories allow you to find specific kits and tags are applied to the element. In the end, whatever works for you is right for you.

  6. Linda DeLaughter says:

    I was trying to update my laptop with all of my recently purchased content that is on my EHD. When I plugged in the EHD, it gave me a different drive letter. I screwed up and redid all of my library files to the new letter, and therefore lost my categories. Since I have a backup EHD, is there any chance that the categories might be saved somewhere there? Looks like I am in for a bunch of work, as I have 2230 kits right now . . .

    • Tameka says:

      First, you need to set a permanent drive letter for your EHD and restore the drive letter to what it previously was.. Then, if you have a back up of your category files, you should be able to restore the back up.

  7. tandjwallis@comcast.net says:

    If my computer crashes or if I purchase a new computer will I loose all of my categories and have to start over.

  8. Nancy Paget says:

    What is meant above is what is the difference between categories and tags? Don’t see a way to edit the comment.

    • Mary says:

      When using categories you put an entire kit into a specific category. For example “At the Speedway Bundle” by Luck Girl could go into a category called “boys” or “transportation”. If you like one paper in the “At the Speedway Bundle” you could tag it for anything like “travel” or maybe it was one sign embellishment in the bundle you might use again and again but not the whole kit you might tag it with “signs”. Tags are more item specific. Categories are for entire kits.

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