Text shapes enable you to add a decorative element to a page with your words. Text shapes have some special features you will love. This video introduces you to text shapes in Artisan 5.

Topics covered:

  • how to insert a text shape,
  • formatting text shapes – changing fonts, size, stroke and fill,
  • filling text shapes with paper or color,
  • correcting the aspect ratio of a text shape.

Text Shapes [3:29 mins]


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8 Responses to Text Shapes

  1. coraljen@cox.net says:

    I want to make the word MAMMA in the shape of a heart. Is there a lesson that can show me how to do that? Thank you!

  2. Nancy Paget says:

    In this video you used the font Dragonfly Pro Sans. I like it but I can’t find that font. How can I get it?

  3. Karen Bowser says:

    The 50 states

  4. Karen Bowser says:

    I am trying to insert a shape that I purchased, I have tried everything on the insert and into both and can’t figure it out. Please give me a step by step. Thank you so much. Karen

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