Give your pages some depth by adding shadows to your elements. This tutorial will show you how to add light and heavy pre-set shadows.  Here is an example of the effect of adding simple shadows to a page, to create depth and interest. (Click to see the images larger.)

This page by Tameka Bond. Layout is a pixels2Pages Blueprint called Sending My Love. Content used: Minted Wings Scrapbook Kit by DesignerDigitals

Click this image for a tutorial on adding shadows, that you can view online or download and print for your personal use.

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2 Responses to Adding Shadows

  1. fbailey says:

    Hi-I would like to know if you have a preference when choosing between a light shadow or heavy shadow. I notice when I have a small space between photos and I use a heavy shadow it is almost too dark but then the light shadow seems too light. How do you determine when to go dark or light? Thoughts? I know that shadows should go the same direction. However, if you have a chevron on both pages coming from the crease, the end of the chevron on the right page will have a right hand shadow but not the chevron on the left page. In this case would one give that chevron a left hand shadow or leave it to have no shadow on the end? Hope this makes sense. Thanks, Faith

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