Blueprints make page creation easy and fast. This tutorial summarises the 5 steps to filling Blueprints with photos, digital art and stories.

To download your free Blueprints, click HERE.

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2 Responses to 5 Steps to Filling Blueprints

  1. Helen Liddall says:

    Hi I’m using the Blueprint Book & Kit that I received when I joined pixels2Pages. I’m trying to use it and am on the second page which has three photos on the left and then a rectangle text box on the right. I’ve added my text but keep getting told that it won’t fit in the element. I can’t see why it won’t and there is no hint as to what I am doing wrong. Any suggestions? I’ve tried moving it around, changing the size of the text etc. Helen

    • Tameka says:

      Hi Helen, some fonts have “hidden space” in them. If you can see all of your text, but you are getting a warning, simply enlarge the text box. If that does not work, please email a screen shot to so we can see what the issue is.

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