This tutorial gives you a quick overview of the different parts that make up a pixels2Pages Blueprint.

To download your free Blueprints, click HERE.

Blueprint filenames might look a bit random, but they are packed with information and function. This video explains the mystery.

Blueprint Filenames [2:58 min]


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8 Responses to Anatomy of a Blueprint

  1. Colleen says:

    When I bring in a PB into Artisan art project the entire 12 x 12 area is checkered and makes it really hard to see the text on the page (like insert photo, insert text, etc). How do I change that? I added a solid paper and it still didn’t change.

    • Kim says:

      Hi Colleen,

      When you import a Blueprint you shouldn’t change the background to checkered. Have you tried importing in a different project? If you add a solid white square (no stroke) and make it the background, that should eliminate the checkered background.

  2. Bonnie Kosmider says:

    Isn’t there a new way of organizing filenames for the Blueprints? I can’t seem to find an article on it.
    Thanks for all your hard work!!!

    • Kim says:

      Hi Bonnie,

      We recommend putting all your Blueprints in one folder – they will sort by size and number of photos. The only other way I would recommend is putting all your 12x12s in one folder and all your 11×8.5s in another.

  3. Patricia Lewis says:

    Is the Anatomy of A Blueprint handout current with the new blueprints. Thankyou

    • Jan says:

      That handout was made using A4 Blueprints, but for the most part, information is the same. We will put it on our to do list to update the handout, so thanks for the alert!

  4. Bunnie Cleland says:

    Is there a transcript of this video?

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