Blueprints are designed with shapes in shades of blue which are designed to be filled with paper or colour to make page design quick and easy.

For example, here is a gallery for a Blueprint that we call “Beach Walking”.  The original page on which that Blueprint is based is displayed as well as a number of examples of pages created using that Blueprint, each one filled with different papers & colors. Click on any of the images to scroll through the gallery.

To download your free Blueprints, click HERE.

The following 2 tutorials walk you through the steps for filling the shapes in a Blueprint with a color or paper. Click each image to view online, or download and print for your personal use. Scroll down for 2 short videos demonstrating filling shapes with color and with paper.

Filling Shapes with Color [2:18 mins]


Filling Shapes with Paper [2:15 mins]


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5 Responses to Filling Blueprints: Shapes

  1. JKT says:

    thanks for the tips. i didn’t know you could make a background from the content panel. another quick tip. yay

  2. Marjorie Webb says:

    The samples in the gallery are amazing. I would love to know what content was used 🙂 Thanks!

  3. Linda Ewbank says:

    So simple but I was not using the fill on tool bar. I was using the background on top right and that did not work! LOL If I don’t put color where your blue design is, will it print your blue color there…or will it be white?

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