When choosing a Blueprint to use in your project, it is very helpful to be able to see a preview of that Blueprint before you import it into your project. This video will show you how to adjust your settings to make the preview easy to see.

Previewing Blueprints [ 2:58 mins]


To download your free Blueprints, click HERE.

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4 Responses to Previewing Blueprints

  1. Laura Johnson says:

    I recently purchased a new laptop so that I could upgrade to Artisan 5. In the past, I could see the layout “icons” just as you described in your video but now all I see is the blue Artisan 5 logo/icon. I have done everything exactly as you described, closed it all down and restarted and still no luck. Any other ideas as to how I can view the blueprints? I also purchased Historian so maybe it will work… Thanks in advance for any advice.

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