All Blueprints download in zipped or compressed folders. This makes it easier and safer to download the Blueprints, but they must be unzipped or extracted from the compressed folder before you can use them. Your computer might tell you that you need to download special software to unzip the folder but you do not need to do that. Ignore any pop ups that want you to download unzipping software. This short video will show you

  • how easy it is to move files out of a zipped folder, and
  • how to create a shortcut to find your Blueprints quickly and easily.

“Unzipping” the Easy Way [2:05 mins]


To download your free Sample Blueprint Collection, click HERE.

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21 Responses to Unzipping The Easy Way

  1. says:

    When I open the downloaded blueprint in my Downloads it is a yellow rectangle with a zip down the middle. How do I open the individual August blueprints?

    • Tameka says:

      Once Blueprints have been unzipped, you should be able to import them into your project. DO NOT click on the individual Blueprint to open it. There are details of why and what happens on every Blueprint post. We also have videos on importing your Blueprint on every Blueprint post. You just need to scroll down to the bottom. It that doesn’t help, please send us a screen shot of your Blueprint folder and we will further assist you.

  2. Kim Clermont says:

    Hi Ladies!
    I have been away from P2P for a while and am trying to download Blueprints. I have printed off and followed the instructions for downloading blueprints, unzipping files, and importing a blueprint. All of my previous files downloaded appear as Panstoria Artisan in the file name. The ones I am downloading today appear as ARTPAGE and do not appear as options when I am attempting to import a new page template in Artisan. I appreciate any and all help you may have to offer! I have tried to include a screens shot of the issue but cannot figure out how to do so.

    • Jan says:

      Our newer Blueprints (since January 2019) are .artpage files rather than .page files like previous ones. But I haven’t heard of anyone having to treat them any differently when downloading or importing them. What have you done with them after unzipping them? If you could send a follow up email (with screen shots) to, we will do our best to get you up and running!

  3. says:

    Is there a printed version of this information? please.

  4. Karen Weaver says:

    Thanks for the QA tip! I had no idea!

  5. Amy says:

    When I download the blueprints are coming up as an Adobe. I have windows 10. I have tried it with chrome and blue e internet. Help.

    • Tameka says:

      Right click a Blueprint, go to properties. Under general you will see “opens with”. Change that from Adobe to Artisan.

      • Judy says:

        I have the similar issue. However, is there a way of open those Blueprints in my blue print file without opening in artisan? I would like to view them before having them go to Artisan.

        • Tameka says:

          The Blueprints can only be opened in Artisan whether you open them in a project or your windows explorer. You can preview the images as thumbnails before importing. Once you make default software to open your Blueprints Artisan, you will automatically get a preview thumbnail.

          • says:

            I don’t have thumbnail of each blueprint. i tried uninstalling artisan and reinstalling, then restarting. Any idea how to get the thumbnails to show?

          • Kim says:

            Make sure you have “associated” those files with Artisan 5. Right click on one of the BPs, click on Properties, and make sure “opens with” is set to Artisan 5.

  6. jeanne says:

    why does mine take me to winzip? how do i un-associate it?

    • Shelley says:

      I think it’s a sneaky ploy to get you to buy software that you don’t need! You’ll find instructions for resetting file associations HERE. Just set the zip file to open with Windows Explorer.

  7. says:

    I got it! I wasn’t in the right view.

  8. says:

    I have windows 10. when I open the file after moving the content from the unzipped file I do not get pictures of the blueprints. It takes me to A5 and starts to open the program with one of the blueprints as a page. Have tried this numerous times. What am I missing?

  9. says:

    When I tried to get the July Blueprints files, it didn’t come in with the Artisan insignia. It is blank and doesn’t open like the video shows. What am I doing wrong?

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