Welcome to Forever Artisan® 5!  You’ve installed Artisan, you’ve activated it, and you’re ready to jump right in.  Choose a few photos you’d like to work with – maybe about 10 or 12 – and let’s go!

Sit back and watch how easy it is to start a project and make a page using a pre-designed page (available in the Forever Store). Click the play button on the video, then click the arrows in the top right to go to full screen view.  After you’ve watched the first video, you can stop there to practice what you’ve learned using the pictures you chose, or you can go ahead and watch two more short videos that show you different ways to view the pages in your book and how to change a pre-designed page to make it your own. Either way, you’ll want to watch all of the videos!

At the end of this lesson, we’ve included two handouts that will give you an overview of the Artisan Welcome screen and Project screen – be sure to download and print them for future reference.  There’s also a link to a very short video that you’ll want to watch – it may save you some headaches down the road!

Have fun with it!  If you have questions or comments, please post them below and someone from the pixels2Pages team will reply to you.  We are here to help you whenever you need it!

Download and install a pre-designed book, create a project and your first page.

Pre-designed Pages [10:20 mins]

Create a second page that coordinates with your first, view and design a double page spread.

Pre-designed Double Page Spreads [4:08 mins]

Start with a pre-designed page, add photos and embellishments to create your own unique design.

Pre-designed Your Way [4:46 mins]

Here is a handout that will give you a quick tour of the Artisan 5 welcome screen, which is what you see when you first open the program.  Click on the image to open the handout in full page view. You may download and print this handout and the one below for easy reference.

After you have created a project, you’ll want to be able to work on it.  This handout explains what the different parts of the project screen are:

It won’t take long before you’re very familiar with this screen, and it is full of awesome functions!  Things that you don’t see on this handout are the different views of the “Pages/Photos/Content Panel”.  Shown here is the Pages Panel; clicking ‘Photos’ at the top of that panel will show you the photos available in your project, and clicking ‘Content’ will allow you to access all of the digital artwork available to you.

This panel is also the Queen of Multi-tasking, because it magically becomes the Operations Panel whenever you’ve clicked on something on your page that you want to work with!  Whenever you enter text, cut something, want to change colors, add filters, and more, be sure to look to the right and use the Operations Panel to complete your task.

The other thing that changes depending on what action you are taking is the Quick Access Toolbar (sometimes called the QAT), located just under the Ribbons.  It’s ready when you are!  And one more thing – click HERE to watch a very short video that will tell you more about the Project Screen and the ‘tiny triangles’ that may be hiding things you need.

Keep these handouts nearby as you start learning how to use Artisan 5, and remember that you can ask questions below.

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5 Responses to Using Pre-designed Pages

  1. Vivian Kendall says:

    i want to know how to crop a photo while working on a page. I did a lot with Story Books but am rusty now and very non techie but need to do quick work or my 7 grands!!! i am behind!!!

  2. Kimberly Truxell says:

    I have used Artisan since Creative Memories first introduced Storybook, but decided to listen to your videos. In the first video your instructions showed selecting free content from the Content Manager and you save it to Commercial Art Kits. My Commercial Art Kits folder is grayed out. Even if I try to select Content when I am working in my project it is grayed out. Do you know why?

  3. sarahbaileyonline@gmail.com says:

    Love all the detailed info!! Thank you so much!

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