After a disastrous start to the year I decided that February was going to be my “fresh start” for 2016! February is now almost globally known as “Feb Fast” or “Feb Fit” and I’ve never really jumped on the bandwagon before – but thought I would give it a go. I am in desperate need of an overhaul, mind, body & spirit! I was determined to make it happen, so didn’t even wait until February 1. What’s in a date right? So January 27 when things seemed to be all good I started. More fresh air, healthy eating, get rid of packaged products, eat raw as much as possible, juice every day, no more sugar, no more procrastinating!

I’m happy to report, everything is on track. I’m already feeling the benefits! My skin has cleared up and feels so much better. After a couple of weeks of headaches, my body and brain have adjusted to a cleaner diet. I am eating way more vegetables, and also juicing them too to get an instant “kick” of nutrients – and the bonus is I have lost a little bit of weight, which is always a great reward. My daughter has decided to try a vegan eating plan and that has helped me as well as I need to focus on a whole new way of life for her, the benefits for me are showing through, although I don’t think I could give up meat totally I don’t need as much of it as I thought.

We are churning through fresh produce at a rapid rate and I can see long term benefits with a clearer mindset now that I have started and am doing so well. I do have to confess that I did have a celebratory drink with some girlfriends on our weekend away last weekend – but one vodka and soda is not a huge slip. The challenge is to keep it real, keep it clean, be kind to myself, and enjoy life. What I put in is definitely what I am going to get out of it, and once I make up my mind I am pretty determined, and slightly obsessive. I am already finding that I don’t even have to think about it when someone offers me something that I know won’t be good for me. “No thank you” comes easily to me already – and for that I am so proud of myself.

Part of my February “resolutions” were to keep up with my Day2Day pages this year and not get behind – and that is happening! Each week I have posted my weekly layouts before the next one is “due”. I am keeping it very simple this year using the same style throughout the book to make it “easier” to keep up to date. This is making more time for me to catch up on other projects and I can get a more “scrapping” style happening with those pages.

I am loving seeing everyone’s weeks on our Facebook Page and I can’t believe we are nearly 2 months done already! Keep up the great work everyone.  Here are my 2016 Day2Day pages so far.


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11 Responses to Blog: Feb Fit/Fast/Fabulous

  1. Jan says:

    Good for you, Janice! Very inspiring! Keep it up – I know you will!

  2. Terry Vachowski says:

    Good job, Janice. And I’m loving your Day2Day pages.

  3. carolyn says:

    Beautiful! (You, the blog, your progress, your determination, your pages, & your photos–all are beautiful) Keep going!

  4. Donna Pullan says:

    Great post! I really like the clean simple lines of your page designs. Thanks for sharing.

  5. KatieK. says:

    Janice – love your clean picture-focused pages! Have you previously shared the digital components, fonts, etc? Your photos are colorful and focused too. So put all together perfectly!

    • Janice says:

      Thanks so much Katie. I put my weekly layout onto our Facebook page and list the fonts and content there. If you click on the images on this post it will open up a gallery view with a larger image and you can see everything listed there as well.

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