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There aren’t many things that make me happier than feeling like something I’ve done or had a part in has been appreciated or that it’s made a difference in someone’s life.  Recently, some of our dear pixels2Pages members made me and the rest of the p2P team really happy!  It was a Saturday morning in late January, and someone posted the following question in our Artisan 5: Good2Know Facebook group:

“What are benefits to the pixels2pages subscription? Seems like a lot of money~what exactly do you get?”

Given that it was on a weekend morning, none of us Pixies even saw the post for over two hours, but what happened in that time was incredible!  When it was all said and done, there were 70 comments – and not just comments, but over-the-top, positive, glowing reviews – that answered those questions better than we ever could have!  So, if you were one of the wonderful people who chimed in with your thoughts and opinions, we thank you!

If you are not a pixels2Pages member yet, but you’re using Artisan and/or Historian, or you still have StoryBook Creator and/or Memory Manager, or you’re using MyStory Designer, or you’re just thinking about learning digital scrapbooking, I want to share with you some of the reasons our members gave in answer to this question:

  • Best way to find out is sign up for the two week free trial and explore all the goodies to be found.  My favorite things are videos and written tips for software and blueprints. (KS)
  • Awesome teaching videos for both Artisan and Historian, great blue prints, pixie dust which are free content These gals are so knowledgable! Well worth it! (PG)
  • Worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY…training, blueprints, artwork, support, encouragement, video training, ideas. Learn something every single time I do one of their challenges or watch a video and I am pretty good at this already. HIGHLY recommend. 5 stars + (EM)
  • I’ve been digital scrapbooking since the first CM storybook through Artisan 5 and for a long time I thought I didn’t need p2P because I felt I knew the program well and already had my favorite way to make pages. Oh how wrong I was. Every scrapper should sign up for the free trial. You will be amazed at how much it will change your scrapping life. It is definitely worth it and more. (LM)
  • A couple of months ago I decided I wanted to give digital scrapbooking a try, have been scrapbooking traditionally for 20+ years. I purchased A5 without even knowing how to begin. I tried out the Free P2P Trial Membership and started playing around with the program. The videos, handouts, tips, & expertise that the Pixies provide is priceless. When I need an answer to a question I can usually find it on the P2P website. If not then I can get it on this FB page. That being said, I wouldn’t have found the FB pages I am a part of without the info from P2P. (KW)
  • You get awesome in-depth training videos and great tips that help you make the most out of your software. Free blueprints every month that with training you get on the software give you so many possible layouts. Free embellishments. Questions answered usually within minutes. Ideas from some very creative people. 5 stars from me too. I often go for periods of time where I don’t have time to scrap, and I have never considered letting my subscription go. I download my blueprints and other freebies, and know that the training and help will be there when I need it, and the motivation. The crop last weekend was motivation for me to finish up a project that had been sitting in limbo since CM shut down (!) because it was started as custom album pages. Finished the album as page prints and got them ordered.(KS)
  • Worth every penny!! If I am ever stuck on what to do or need new ideas on something a little different, that’s where I go. If you are not sure how to use a tool in A5, there will be a video, & I guarantee if you think you know how to use a tool….they will show you how to use the same tool to do something different. In my opinion, if you use A5, p2p is invaluable! (RB)
  • I use the blueprints for almost every single page, simply because it saves so much time and so much of the work is already done for you. If you’re serious about your scrapbooking, the tips, training and freebies are well worth it. (KS)
  • I get way more out of my P2p subscription than I do my gym subscription. I can reach P2p from my home at any time. The gym I have to get up and get to it. The blueprints alone are well worth the money. Last night I was working on a calendar and couldn’t remember how to do something, ran a search on P2p, came up with a tip and I had asked the same question two years ago. It was answered by Kim Mannino and still there in the posts under the tidbit. If you are going to use Artisan 5 you want the Pixies for support. You will get so much more use out of your software! (DH)
  • Definitely 5 stars! The Pixies are so knowledgeable. The Video Tidbits, Blueprints, Pixie Dust, Challenges, everything! The easier question would be why ISN’T it worth the price because there is no reason why. I have never once regretted having my membership. I used to get acrylic nails and have them done every 2 weeks. Cost 40/month. Because my frugal husband said the P2P membership wasn’t in the budget without sacrificing something, I gave up my acrylic nails. Have I ever been sorry for that trade off? NEVER!!!! And I agree with Debbie, the blueprints alone are worth the price! (BM)
  • It is the best! Such a community of very knowledgeable ladies who teach us how to do easy and challenging projects. They help us with all of the changes in addition to providing blueprints, videos, challenges, and tips. When you can’t get answers or help from tech support, someone is always up at pixels2pages because they are all over the world. You will not be disappointed! (LG)
  • I am going to add my 2Cents here. My friend and I host digital scrapbooking sessions a few times a year. We have sort of taken over from the CM consultant who quit after CM died. Our answer, “Remember we used to pay $15.00 once a month for pizza and scrapping and still had to buy our pre-designed pages. Well now we have 24/7 support and we receive 18 blueprints a month (they are like pre-designed pages.. Our subscription is the best value for money. No contest.” (RB)
  • I have been a member since they started, when it was free. I would not drop my subscription. They providing a lot of training, ideas, assistance, blueprints and embellishments every month which I use all of the time. I think their blueprints are so much better than what we had to purchase from CM. Their virtual crops are great and I get so much done. For me they are the only place to go for advice and assistance. In addition these ladies were former CM consultants so they understand what we want, need and looking for. These ladies had to give up their own CM business to provide us this service. So worth the money. (GS)
  • I have also been a member since they began and it was free when they started charging I didn’t even hesitate to pay because I could have made some pages and thought they were good but the pixies taught me how to make amazing pages! With fun features and lots of tricks!! Also w digital you are not buying as much stuff yes you can get kits but once you have them you can use them forever!! It is $ you won’t regret spending. (JF)
  • Would not be without my subscription and I have been a member or following since before the time of paid subscriptions. If you are new to digital start with the Back2Basics and make your own decision. It IS the best money I spend every month well worth doing without a weekly Star Bucks treat. They are all the treat you need. (KW)
  • JF, Please report back to us after you use your subscription for a few weeks. I think you will be like the rest of us and feel it is worth every penny. I have been a member since almost the beginning and have learned so much. I too felt I was very proficient at the software since I embraced digital from the very beginning but have still learned so much from the pixies. Sometimes it is just a minor thing I never knew existed and sometimes it is major breakthroughs. Enjoy your subscription! (WF)
  • I wouldn’t and couldn’t do without my P2P membership. It is hard to add anymore than what has been said. I guess the one thing is that Artisan allows me to do digital scrapbooking, but P2P makes the software come alive. (KJ)
  • I’m jumping on the band wagon, too!! Tooting all my horns for this membership. I have been a part of this community since I started as a Beta tester. I was the one on a Mac and kept asking the questions of when is this going to happen so I could use it. My husband got a little tired of hearing me complain that I couldn’t join in all the fun and installed Bootcamp for me. Not only have the pixies educated me on SBC and Artisan, they have also helped me learn how to use the “Dark Side” of my computer. I can’t imagine scrapbooking without them.
    I must admit though, the biggest take away from my membership is the community that has been built here. We are watching our families grow, helping with comforting words during hard times, encouraging each other to step out of a comfort zone, and just having lots of fun with friends and family. Many of the members in this group are people I have not met in person but I still feel a strong attachment to them. (SN)
  • I am a new member of Pixels2Pages for just a few months now. I began digital scrapbooking at the beginning when CM offered it many years ago and have had about 20 filled albums (100 pages) printed so far. I love the Pixels2Pages girls and all of the help I get from their mini training segments. I especially am glad to have them since Artisian 5 is a bit different that 4. You can never learn too much here. You can get the answers you need about the particular situation you are working in. I wish I had subscribed much sooner. (LK)
  • Sometimes my husband will grumble about the money I spend on something . . . He never says a word about the p2P annual fee when it come through. . . He knows the value it is to me! (Could be because any time I have an issue, here comes a Pixie to the rescue) THANK YOU PIXIES! (CD)
  • I subscribed on January 1st. Just told my husband last night that even if my membership were to be terminated today, it still would have been worth it. (PA)

I could keep going – I love reading all of these fantastic acknowledgments – but I think you get the idea.  What I loved most was that almost everyone who responded had something different to say – some little thing that made their p2P membership most valuable to them.  Truly, we as a team are so humbled that this ‘little idea’ we had a few years ago has blossomed into a worldwide community bound together by our love of preserving our photos and family memories.  So I wanted to share one more p2P member’s view on why we do what we do:

A bit of historical perspective may help. (I hope I have the facts right – but this is how I remember it!)  p2P has from its inception filled the gap between the product and the user. When the product was first released Creative Memories expected each consultant to learn *on their own* how it worked (there was NO official training!) and then teach it person by person to their customers. When there were technical issues we had to rely on phone calls to a small (but good) support department which was available only during office hours. Obviously this was a failed approach and left all frustrated, overwhelmed and dismayed. The bright promise of a digital future for our businesses became bleak in spite of having such brilliant products.

In those early days a few talented, mostly US consultants created webinars to help instruct and motivate, which were amazing, but not widely available or advertised for various reasons. I remember setting my alarm for 3am (being in Australia) to watch them, even before we got the product down here – and then finding it hard to get back to sleep because of the excitement. Once we did, I still had to ‘get the word out’ in a clunky fashion – email, mailed newsletters, word of mouth, and personal demos – or arrange logistics for training larger groups at local venues. Quite frankly there was little business value in it because the software and kits were so inexpensive, and few then ordered printed products from the company! Many printed at home or just created digital shoe boxes of layouts in their computers. It was a business dead end, and counter to our mission.

Eventually consultants got websites and the company provided online shipping – but still without online support for its digital products. Once a CM consultant group started on FB things began to finally gear up (about 7 years ago?) and then the original 12 banded together with Jan McCallum’s vision and voila, the much NEEDED gap was filled!

When you have lived through the drought that preceded the current plethora of resources now on hand it is easy to understand how valuable p2P is.  p2P has made a marked difference ACROSS the digital scrapbooking world, and especially with CM, and now Panstoria (and Forever) users. It has helped the average scrapper gain graphic design skills, knowledge and confidence that have assisted so many to make beautiful and fun layouts and keepsakes for their families. They provide a learning platform, a support group, even a ‘professional development’ source like none other…and always with tact and grace, patience and professionalism.

The best teachers always want their students to be even better than they are, so they encourage sharing within the ranks – where those more advanced help those emerging – and EVERYONE improves including the teacher. This is p2P.  Their expertise inspires more sharing and more growth. The existence of this FB group alone, and the help provided here from within the ranks and from these ‘pixies’, is evidence of that. (LCS)

From all of us here at pixels2Pages, thank YOU for supporting us, for learning with us, for forcing us to keep pushing the envelope, for making us want to learn new things, for challenging us to find different ways to teach and reach, for trusting us with your pictures and stories and your highs and lows, for inviting us to celebrate with you and grieve with you, for being vulnerable and friendly and kind and loving.  You’ve made us stretch and grow and learn more than we thought we wanted to know, and we love you for it.


PS  If you are not a member, HERE is the link – come join the fun!  If you are brand new to the software and/or digital scrapping, we suggest a Back2Basics membership to start.  If you’re a p2P member but you don’t feel like you are making the most of your membership, consider signing up for our “Welcome to pixels2Pages” email series.  You’ll get about one email every other day for a month that will show you around the site and get you on the right track.  Click HERE to subscribe.

PPS  Update on my “Page a Day” goal for 2016: I completed 33 pages in February, to go along with the 53 pages I did in January.  March will be tricky, as I am traveling a good bit, and without my laptop for one trip, but I will do my best! Read my blog last month to see what’s working for me, and join me.  I dare you!

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5 Responses to Blog: Why pixels2Pages?

  1. Lori Morris says:

    Love my membership and have been a member since the beginning. Could not live without my pixel2pages team. Thank you for all you do for us.

  2. Sandy says:

    Thanks for this message Jan. I love being a part of this wonderful community. It has been a lifeline at times and a connection to something important for me to do for my family. I have learned so much from the pixies and all the other members. You have helped me challenge myself and learn new things (yes, I am still a little PC challenged). I am so excited to see what is in store for all of us. Now to get some of my UFO’s completed and printed…..

  3. Linda DeLaughter says:

    All I can add is “thank you” for realizing the great need for starting p2P. I start each and every day with my friends at p2P and thank God for all of you and your wonderful talents that you so graciously share with us — to make us better digi-scrappers and, at the same time, introduce us all to wonderful friendships with others just like us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Pixies, for all that you do to inspire us! p2P is a Godsend.

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