Vlog_PersonalContentManager_TB(The tree in the image to the right is from It’s A Girl Digital Overlays by Creative Memories)

This month we want to help you get organized (If you need help getting organized, now is the perfect time to join pixels2Pages).   The hardest part about organizing your content is deciding how to do it and what will work for you.   You are able to organize your content by three levels of organization:  Library, Categories and Tags.   I like to think of the organization in terms of a triangle or a tree as it starts out narrow and broadens.   For my blog, I will use the tree to describe it.   The entire tree represents one kit.

The library folder gives life to your Content Manager.  It is where it all begins.  A kit need only go into one library folder.  You can have one library folder or many.  You get to choose what your library folders are.

Once your content is in a library folder, it can branch off into many categories. Even if you don’t use categories in Artisan, the software automatically puts all of your elements in a category (Content not in any category).  One kit can belong to many categories.  Even though the kit is in many categories, there is still only one copy of that kit in its library folder.  Branches (categories) grow, change, branch off into more branches, but they still remain a part of the tree (library folders).

Finally, you have tags.   Tags allow you to organize your content by element in a kit instead of the entire kit.    One tag can be attached to elements in many different categories or library folders.  I recently wrote a blog Out of Control (A Tale Of My Content Manager) which details my tagging journey.

Knowing this information, I have organized my content in a way that makes sense to me.

Enjoy this brief tour of my Content Manager.  It may even give you a few ideas.  Be sure to visit pixels2Pages.net all month long as we provide members with invaluable information about the Content Manager.

This video will cover the basics of selecting just the right amount of content for use in your projects.  Though this video is recorded in Artisan 5, the same idea applies in Artisan 4.
[6:53 mins]

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27 Responses to Vlog: Personal Content Manager Tour

  1. Sheena says:

    When it comes to Blueprints, are those located under the pixels2Pages folder and then categorized as Blueprints?

    • Tameka says:

      There are two types of Blueprints. Once you get as part of a membership (an thus are not installed in Artisan, they are just in a folder on my computer) and those purchased from the store in kit format. The ones that are purchased as a kit ar installed in Artisan, they are in my pixels2Pages Library folder and categorized as Blueprints.

  2. SCRAPPYGIRL66 says:

    Content Organization is the biggest reason I do not complete many pages or albums. I struggle to find and use what I have. I have collected so much from my years with CM and now with Forever. I have used this to put all new content I have purchased from Forever in libraries by designer. But since I do not have categories or tags, I still struggle to use what I have.

  3. SCRAPPYGIRL66 says:

    Content Organization is the biggest reason I do not complete many pages or albums. I struggle to find and use what I have. I have collected so much from my years with CM and now with Forever. I have used this to put all new content I have purchased from Forever in libraries by designer. But since I do not have catagories or tags, I still struggle to use what I have.

  4. Nancy Paget says:

    Glad to watch this again. Not having a photographic memories, it’s helpful for me to rewatch videos when I am thinking about the subject again.

  5. SbMoore says:

    New year’s resolution is content organization before new books. I’m confused about why organize at the library level and what this will do for me. What are “Built In Kits?” Why did you decide to go with folders by designer name? I would happily pay you a consulting/training fee if you would you be willing to work with me in an on-line session for about an hour to help me look at my content and talk me through the decision making process.

    • Tameka says:

      How are ya?! I own about 3,000 kit and I notice that the designers have a specific style. When designing, I tend to know which designer style I would like. Separating my library folders helps me keep track of which designers created the kit (so I can properly credit) and helps separate the styles of kits. Not to mention the fact that I have fewer kits to scroll through by not putting them in the same folder.+

  6. Karen Bowser says:

    I have been trying to do some tagging and trying to capitalize the words that I used for tagging but the “rename” won’t allow it. What am I doing wrong?

    • Tameka says:

      Something weird that I have found when renaming my tags with capitals is that I need to name it something different then change it to a capital, because somehow the software sees it as the same thing. So I will change “cat” to “.cat” to “Cat”. I know. It is an extra step. I don’t know why it happens, but this is my work around.

  7. SCRAPPYGIRL66 says:

    This was very helpful! Like you, I own quite a bit from CM. I kept most of it on the laptop I had the software on. I moved to an external hard drive, but have been struggling since to get my content in a way that works for me. Your method seems like it will work for the way I think. I like the use of common words to group category names together by starting the names with the same “key word” like Theme. I do like the library being by designer. Thank you for the detailed video!

  8. Sue Sohn says:

    Hi Tameka! Love this video; I’ve had my content organized several ways and over the holidays I got a new laptop, so decided to start out right (organized) from the beginning! I’ve spent the last two days getting my library sorted and am now ready to move on to categories. Any chance of getting screen shots or lists of the categories you have ??? maybe the tags too???

    • Tameka says:

      Tags are not my strength…and I haven’t always tagged. I did post my categories to facebook a while ago. Can’t seem to find them now. But I will try to get you a screen shot of the list over the next week or so.

  9. Kristeen says:

    Thanks for this!

  10. Lynn says:

    Tameka–what do you do with kits that don’t fit into any “categories” like not holiday, birthday, seasons, sports etc. I am struggling with that area. and tagging I am far from doing much of anything…

    • Tameka says:

      I have categories such as “Eh” for kits I don’t really know why I have, “IDK” for kits which I don’t know what category they belong and “Miscellaneous” for kits that I don’t really care to put in a specific category, but I want it removed from the “content not in any category” category.

  11. Phyllis says:

    Also, then how do you get your Artwork into more than one category, since they disappear out of Not in Any Category?

    • Tameka says:

      You can go to the category it is in and add it to another category. I try to add it into all relevant categories at once, but at any time you can go into the other categories and add kits to additional categories.

  12. Phyllis says:

    Thanks for this helpful info. My content is in a mess! I had organized my Content using a previous Content Organizing tips from Mary. However, that was when we only had CM content.
    So when I click onto “Kits Not in Any Category”, it lists every single kit in each of my Digital Content Library Folders. Right in the middle of that kit list, are “Folders” that are my PAKs. Then it continues on with more Kit names, then following those are the new Categories I just added using those from this video. (I’m a copier). So, I’m a little confused about why all my kits & PAKs are showing up — is it because they are not in an category or is it because I have my kits divided up into Libraries, i.e. Additions, Digital Kits, Alphas, etc. Also, in Categories, when I click onto any folder, on the right side of the software, it brings up a list like Tags but it says Selected Categories with an empty box under that, then there is a list of Available Categories with a box in front of each. What is that? Anyway, all help appreciated.

    • Tameka says:

      I really cannot answer without seeing your content manager. “Kits not in any category” is just what it says. So while your content may be in Library folders, they are not in categories.

  13. Lisa says:

    Thanks Tameka, I am such a visual learner and even though I might not set up my content exactly as you have, it is so helpful to see how you have done it. It just helps me to wrap my brain around what I might want to do and what would make sense for me. I hope that other pixies will do a video so that we can see some other styles of content managing.

  14. Tameka, you have inspired me! I never really categorized or tagged my content, so maybe now is the time to totally reorganize my content the way I want it!

  15. crefreeman says:

    Thank you for this, it is nice to see others set up. I really liked how you broke down the categories and gave them a ‘main’ title ie Theme. I have been feeling that I needed to complete tagging and not worry so much about categories, but I think that to work on categories will help me get things done faster.

    Also, because I have become a collector of content and not much of a user I told myself that I would not look at that store until I was happy with my content management and my increased use of the content. BUT watching your video has caused me to go to the store and at least add the items to my wish list. I had better get to work on these two goals so I can go and purchase the kits I saw in your content ….

  16. Amy Madeira says:

    Tameka: how did you get your CM kits organized in the way you have them? Mine all are under commercial kits? I didn’t elect it that way, that’s how they automatically went in?

    • Tameka says:

      Hi Amy. I created the folders and sorted them manually instead of doing an auto install of the kits. When you auto install your kits, the automatically go into commercial art kits. You can create new library folders and move your kits from commercial art kits in to another library folder. Keep in mind, that may remove kits from specific categories if you have organized by category. You can always add them back into your category.

  17. junegauntley says:

    Love your tagging system, Tameka! Thank you so much for sharing! Although I have my categories as I like them, I am not satisfied with my “Library” folders. I have been wanting to add a folder for each Designer under Library since A5 came out. I started once, but got confused so I reversed the process! I made the mistake of using the Designer Name as one of my tags. So have a lot of work to do to correct that! Thanks again for sharing your system!

    • Tameka says:

      Anytime. Just a note, when you move kits out of their library folder, it may pull them out of their categories. So be prepared. I always recommend working on organization from the top down, starting with Library Folders, then categories, then tags.

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