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I have a few mottos I live by. I’ll share a few with you. Two I learned while attending the University of Louisiana at Monroe working on a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The first is “Always be Prepared”. You see, one of my instructors at the time was my sister. That was hard because I grew up with her and I knew the sister side of her.  One day she came in with a “Pop Quiz”.  I was not ready and neither were my classmates.  My classmates gave me a really hard time about that one saying things like “She’s your sister can’t you get her to drop that grade?”.  I never got caught again not knowing information I should know. Funny how after that I never dreaded tests anymore either. It is amazing how being confident in your knowledge gives you peace and rest.

My second motto “Embrace Change” has taken a few more years to get a grip on and there’s still times I don’t. I am learning however.  It doesn’t mean accepting change for change’s sake but adapting to changes that are inevitable or good without complaining.

Another is “Struggle Well”.  This attitude means in life we will have struggles.  It means that they ARE going to happen so learn to struggle well instead of complaining about them.

“Choose Joy” is my favorite.  Joy is a choice.  It means no matter what’s going on around you choose to be joyful.  Have a good attitude.  Don’t be an “Eeyore”.  Your cup should be half full instead of half empty!

Tough mottos and I fail many times but just keep on plugging away with these in mind.

Take Artisan 5.  It was stressful when it first came out and my first reaction came close to being why did so many things have to change?  I can honestly say I’ve prepared myself and learned a pretty good bit about this software.  We all know that process never ends and I’ll still keep learning more about the fun things it can do. I’ve embraced the changes and have a tough time going back to Artisan 4 (a couple unfinished projects I thought I’d get done).  I’m already adapted and love many of the new features in Artisan 5.  I’ve struggled well through the process of learning and tried not to get frustrated and I’m certainly grateful for the new features now.

Life is always hectic and busy and surprising around my home. My husband is fond of saying Life is not normal here and that’s good because normal is boring! The past 2 years have had many unexpected happenings in my household. I’ve had to count on my faith, friends and those mottos to keep me smiling.  So when life happens, whether it’s as fun as learning a new software or as frustrating as health issues or any circumstance in between, you can “Always be Prepared”, look ahead and gets things done that are in your control (and not everything is), Embrace Change as it arrives, Struggle Well and be an example to others, and Choose Joy thru it all!

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11 Responses to Blog: Always Be Prepared

  1. Sandy says:

    Thanks for these words, Mary. They have come at a good time. Being a Girl Scout for 36 years, I have always lived by the motto “Be Prepared”. But sometimes life throws curve balls that catch you off guard. I have been finding myself looking for short term things to keep my mind occupied and I think working on completing some of my UFOs is going to help. Through doing that I will have fun memories that will help keep me strong, embrace changes and choose joy. Thanks to p2P for showing us quick and easy ways to make this happen.

    • Mary says:

      Sandy, Sometimes it’s hard to duck those curve balls and they catch us off guard! Here’s to enjoying the process of preserving our family memories as part of the being prepared!

  2. Kim says:

    GREAT blog Mary! I do try to choose joy in everything I do. When I stumble, I just get up, apologize where needed, and continue on. Sometimes we do need a pity party, or time to process what is happening. The trick is to have a good friend that can help you make that a short party! Life requires us to adjust our sails and keep moving forward.

  3. Liz Propst says:

    Today was a first for me with p2P…..I’ve just saved your page to my desktop as Mary Browder wisdon… the struggle well!! Thanks Mary

    • Mary says:

      Liz, I’d like to say all the quotes are original but they’re not. My second daughter gave me the advice “struggle well”. Susan Iida-Pederson the “Choose Joy”.

  4. Claudette says:

    I am trying to learn to love A5 and use it a little every day. In time, if the good Lord sees fit, I will be comfortable with it. I like your mottos. I choose to see the best side of everything and accept what I can not change.

  5. Karen says:

    Well said Mary. Many years ago when I life was in a real turmoil my Grandmother said to me that “the good Lord does not give you anything that you cannot handle only things that will make you stronger. I think back to this often although sometimes I just wish the testing would be over! The changes in A5 are all good changes and when I purchased it in late September A4 was deleted from my computer. One thing life has taught me is yesterday is over, learn your lesson from it, today is a new day, apply what you have learned and tomorrow is an open book and look for the positives.

  6. adakallen says:

    I understand those motto VERY WELL…similar to mine! Life is a constant struggle and all I have to do is look around me and see other people struggling more than I am. Struggle Well is the opposite of having a pity party, and pity parties get you no where. We have several struggles in our family at the moment…cancer, cancer, cancer, sick babies, sick hip, etc. but we are trying to struggle well.
    Thanks for this blog…I love your page…I may have to print it out and post is as a constant reminder!
    PS A5 is becoming my best friend. I even stress when I have to go back to A4 for something that I am still trying to complete.

    • Mary says:

      I hear you Ada. Life is so full of blessings that when the struggles come (or stay) we have to be sure and focus on those blessings! I agree with you about Artisan 5. I love it!

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