Backing up your digital content activation codes is just as important as backing up the digital content itself. More so really, because if you lose your content, you can download it again if you have the activation code, but if you lose the activation code, and need to reinstall your content, you are out of luck.

Fortunately, backing up activation codes is both quick and easy. We recommend creating a new backup every time you download and install new digital art kits.

Creating the backup

Open the Artisan 5 Content Manager and click on Activation codes:

A dialog box will open, listing all your current kits and their codes. In the bottom right, click on Make a backup copy of my codes:

That wasn’t too hard, was it?

Saving the Activation Codes Backup

Artisan 5 will create a text file with your kits and their codes. Making the backup is only the first step. It needs to be saved securely in a location where you will remember to look if you ever need it, and which is protected from the kind of potential computer problems that may have resulted in your art kits and codes being lost in the first place.

There are a number of saving options for this document, and I suggest you choose at least two of them.

  1. Print a hard copy. Hard (paper) copies are protected from viruses and computer failures, but if you needed to reinstall the codes, you would need to manually type them, which could be tedious and prone to error if you have a lot of art kits. However as a backup backup, a hard copy is a good plan.
  2. Save it as a file on your computer and save another copy on a different drive, such as an EHD or Flash Drive. If your computer dies, and the only copy is on that computer, you would lose the copy of your codes as well as your kits.
  3. Save a copy to the cloud. There are a number of free cloud storage options available – Google Docs, Dropbox, Microsoft One Drive, and more. This will protect your backup from computer failure, theft, fire and any other disasters, and they can be accessed online at any time.
  4. Email a copy of your activation codes to yourself.
  5. Make sure your codes are included in whichever backup system you use for your computer.

Each time you create a new backup, you can safely save over the top of the previous backup. Each backup includes every kit, so there’s no need to save older backups.

Should you need to reinstall your activation codes, HERE are the instructions.

If you need to redownload kits you have previously purchased from Forever or Panstoria, log in to your Forever account, click on Order History, and then choose Downloads.


To redownload kits you have lost, but for which you have the activation code (because you were diligent with your backups, go to the Art Kit Download Finder


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4 Responses to Artisan 5 Tip: Backing up Activation Codes

  1. Toni McDonnell says:

    There are many kits I have downloaded over the years that do not have an activation code. Most are freebies. Are these lost when changing to a new computer? I noticed these are not on the backup that is provided on Artisan. Maybe I’m wrong. Is there a way to preserve these freebies?

    • Jan says:

      If the kits don’t require activation codes, you just need to be sure to back up those art kits along with all of your other art kits. If you’ve made Personal Art Kits for them, be sure to back those up as well.

  2. says:

    I haven’t run a backup since I installed the Artisan 5.0 program. My new backup is missing quite a few of the old Story Book Creator art. Is there any way to get some of those back? I tried the link in your instructions, but they must be too old. Maybe some of the palettes won’t work, but I will really miss the Overlays and Additions.

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