Tameka's Blog Header Good for the SoulI hope you are all enjoying Artisan 5 as much as I am.  In just a few short months, I am totally in awe.  Actually I fell in love almost immediately, but the key is that I am still in the “Honeymoon” stage.

There are many things that I love about Artisan.  By far, the one tool that has had the most profound impact on my scrapping is the Outliner tool.  The Outliner tool in Artisan 5 allows me to do many things that were just a dream in Artisan 4.  Even though I was able to figure out a way to do certain things in Artisan 4, it would eat up precious time that I could have spent creating another page.

Here are just some of the reasons I love the Outliner tool, and why I think you should upgrade to Artisan 5 if you can.

  1. Shape Making Made Easy:  As an Artisan 4 user, I was constantly pushing the limits of the software.  I always found myself needing to create custom shapes in order to get the look I wanted.  At times, this took a lot of manipulation.  It also took quite a bit of time creating a custom shape point by point, trying to get smooth lines and crisp detail.  It almost always took me several tries to get it right.  In Artisan 5, with one click I can create a shadow copy of any shape.  That copy can easily be saved in a personal art kit to use over and over again, applying them to my photo holders, mats and text boxes.  For more information on Custom Shapes: Click here for Artisan 4Click here for Artisan 5.
  2. Journaling On  A Path/In A Shape:  In Artisan 4, it is super easy to apply a shape to a text box.  The problem arises when I need to apply a custom shape to a text box.  (See #1)  In Artisan 5, I simply create my shape with the click of my mouse and just as easily add text to the shape.  And boy-oh-boy, I almost feel guilty adding text along the path of any shape because I almost do nothing.  The Outliner tool does ninety percent (90%) of the work, creating a path for me and giving me the flexibility of adding creative features. For more information on Journaling on a Path:  Click here for Artisan 4 (Note: Recorded using Storybook Creator 4, but instructions remain the same).  Click here for Artisan 5.  For information on Journaling in a Shape:  Click here for Artisan 4Click Here for Artisan 5.
  3. Sticker Outlines:  As a traditional scrapbooker, I love the look of stickers.  In Storybook Creator I had figured out a way to create the white borders around embellishments, resembling the white borders around sticker embellishment. By adding a glow to the elements, and then flattening it to another shape, and then using the wand tool to cut it apart, I could fill it with solid color and layer it behind the embellishment. In Artisan 4, I figured out a slightly less complicated version. In Artisan 5, it’s as simple as clicking the Outliner tool and adjusting my settings. For more information on bubble/sticker outlines:  Click here for Artisan 4. Click here for Artisan 5.
  4. Creating Decorative Embellishments Using Shapes and Strokes:  There are so many creative options available when you combine Outliner tool shapes and stroke options.  I can experiment with compound style and stroke patterns for an infinite amount of possibilities.  For more information on using shapes and outlines/strokes to create decorative elements on your pages: Click here for Artisan 4.   Click here for Artisan 5.

If you are an Artisan 4 user, I encourage you to try out the offerings I linked to for Artisan 4, then check out the Artisan 5 offerings I linked to and see how Artisan 5 works.  If you have a 64 bit computer, or plan to get one soon, I encourage you to upgrade to Artisan 5.

Artisan 5 users, be sure to revisit all of the offerings I have linked to and share your creations on our Facebook page.  You are sure to love the Outliner tool as much as I do.

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4 Responses to Blog: One Of My Favorite Tools…

  1. Melita Watts says:

    Ready to quit my day job and scrap all day…….

  2. Jan says:

    Thanks, Tameka, for stretching our boxes by thinking outside of yours so well! xx

  3. carolyn says:

    I agree Tameka! The more I use it, the more I like it. I also know I wouldn’t have used it at without your help; I would have skipped over it.

  4. Sue Thoenes says:

    Yo, Pixie Tameka: First, I love your header “Scrapping is good for the soul!!!” I am sure you used the outliner to put in the cute heart border! And, I am absolutely loving the outliner tool. It is the best! Thanks Pixies for all that you do for us and congratulations on becoming a part of Forever!!! Pixies Forever!!! Thank you…..

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