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In case you missed the big announcement yesterday, we are excited to tell you that pixels2Pages has been acquired by Forever!

You already know that we have been working very closely with Forever since their acquisition of Panstoria and its awesome digital scrapbooking and photo organizing programs, Artisan and Historian, in September 2014, so it may not surprise you to hear this news.

The pixels2Pages team has been together for over six years, and yesterday was the sixth anniversary of the launch of our website,!  It is hard to describe our feelings as we embark on our new role as the p2P Support and Training team at Forever.  Of course, we are thrilled about the new possibilities that will be available to us and we are eager to share Forever’s mission with our followers.  We anticipate that many more people will learn about pixels2Pages, too, which is something we have wanted for a long time!   As with any change, there are some things that are bittersweet, though, and this is no exception.  We will be bidding farewell to Kerrianne Hobbs, Justine Forrest, Janice Gilhooley, and Penny Peterson, and we wish them all the very best and are so very appreciative of all they have brought to the pixels2Pages team and community.

What we want you to know is that you should not expect your pixels2Pages membership to change!  We will still be offering challenges, tips, Blueprints, videos tidbits, Pixie Power Minutes, Start2Finish videos, blog posts, virtual crops, Day2Day offerings, and more.  Our Facebook page and groups will remain open, as will our Pinterest boards.

The other big news that came with yesterday’s announcement was that Forever has opened for business in Australia!  Just as Glen said at Forever LIVE, Forever has expanded Down Under in 2016!  We look forward to offering Forever services to our Australian friends and members and to watching that market grow.

Should you have any questions, please comment below or write to us at  We are here for you!

One more thing: I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge Jenny MacKay, Carolyn Bodkin, Jeannine Campbell, and Marilyn Innes, who were all founding pixels2Pages team members.  Since the four of them were instrumental in getting our website up and running and in keeping it going, I always think of them on ‘launch day’ every year.  Kerrianne, Janice, and Justine were also founders – thanks to all of you for the many long nights, loads of laughter, and blood, sweat, and tears!  Well, maybe not blood….except that we will always be bound! xx




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37 Responses to News: Forever and pixels2Pages Join Forces

  1. Kathleen Eichler says:

    Well now it’s been 9 years… these flashbacks have been wonderful. I have personally appreciated seeing the pages that you all have created, miss seeing you on a more frequent basis that was possible when you were all actively engaged with the site, but trust you are each finding your own way of making a difference in the lives of your families and friends. Thank you all for the gifts you have given of your time, talents and treasures. *U* Kathleen

  2. says:

    Congratulations on 6 years of excellent training and service. I have learned so much from all the Pixies and I keeping learning new techniques from your training.
    I am so very sad to see Kerrianne, Justine and Penny leaving. You ladies have been such an inspiration for all of us, thank you for sharing your time and knowledge.
    Good luck on you new endeavor with the Forever Company.

  3. gayneal says:

    There is very little for me to add – it has all been said. I am grateful for the past and anticipate a wonderful future.

  4. Linda DeLaughter says:

    Having interacted virtually with Jenny and Kerrianne, and having hosted Juzzie in my home, and having met Penny at Forever Live last year, I am sincerely “bummed” about the news of their “retirement” from p2P! I wish them all the very best of luck in all of their endeavors, but we will miss them terribly! God speed to these wonderful ladies! I cannot even begin to express my thanks to all our Pixies for the incredible amount of knowledge gained from their blogs, videos, challenges, Blueprints and Pixie Dust!! I love you all so very much!

  5. Janice Phillips says:

    I am like Sandy, I don’t do well with change. Happy Birthday to p2P! You have been my mentors and I have learned so much from all of you! As everyone else, I am so very sad to see Kerrianne, Justine and Penny leaving. You ladies have been such an inspiration and fan club for us. I am wishing you all the best in the future. I am looking to the positive side and sending congratulations to all of the Pixies!

  6. Suzy Dust says:

    Congratulations Pixies! What great news. I will certainly miss the departing Pixies especially Justine, I was so fortunate to have met her on the first Mackinac Photo Safari. I learned so much. I hope they won’t be strangers. Looking forward to the exciting things to come.

  7. Jan H says:

    Tears of joy and sadness simultaneously. Congratulations on the new business venture. Will miss our pixies that are going their own ways…. I wish them they very best. They have definitely given their best to us.

  8. Vicki Neil says:

    Happy Birthday Pixies, thank you for inspiring and helping us and I do hope your merger with Forever is everything you want it to be, but I am so sorry to see Penny and two of my favourite Aussies, Kerrianne and Justine leave – I will miss them terribly!

  9. Taylor Teresa says:

    BTW, how does a Forever account work? One-time payment or is it a subscription service?

    • Jan says:

      Both are available, Teresa. Subscriptions start at $5/month (for 120 months) or you can purchase the same amount of storage in as a one-time purchase for $349. Have a look HERE.

  10. Taylor Teresa says:

    We will miss Penny, Justine and Karrianne. I always enjoyed their offerings to P2P. I wish them the best always. Congratulations, Pixies, on your new affiliation. You deserve it!

  11. Sandy says:

    PS- When are last days for Kerrianne, Justine and Penny? I would like to be able to share the love with them!! <3

  12. Sandy says:

    Such a bittersweet birthday. I am so glad to hear that the pixies are finally being taken seriously. Everything you have done for us over the past six years has been amazing. I have loved “growing up with you” as the programs have changed and have been so happy to have you in our corners cheering us on. I am so sad to find out we will be losing Kerrianne, Justine and Penny. Their contributions to all of us have been so much fun and they will be truly missed, just as those who left before them. While I am not one who does well with changes, I am sure that everything will work out for everyone. Thanks so much for these past six years and I can’t wait to see what’s around the corner.

  13. Linda Riley says:

    I wish you all much success in this new partnership. Your hard work and dedication has paid off big time, and I am thankful that you will continue training. All the best to Kerianne, Justine, and Penny. I have learned so much from all of you, and you will be missed.

  14. Terry Vachowski says:

    I haven’t always made reading blogs a priority on busy days, my loss, but I had been loving them this month until today. I’ll so miss Justine, Penny, and Kerrianne, as I’m still missing some the other pixies who have left, especially Jeannine checking in with the Day2Day crew. As with any change, I’m hoping only good can come of this. Happy Birthday, Pixies, and God Bless!

    • Jan says:

      Sorry, Terry! Justine, Penny, and Kerrianne have contributed so much – we will miss their talents and hope that the many things they’ve taught us remain as their legacy! Thanks for the good wishes!

  15. Nita says:

    Oh wow!!! While I am thrilled for your new adventures with Forever, I am sad to hear that we are “losing” Kerrianne, Justine and Penny. I certainly wish them all the best in their new endeavors. Don’t be strangers ladies!!!!

  16. mandypena says:

    I too will miss Kerrianne, Justine and Penny! I enjoyed their blog posts! I especially have learn a lot from Justine’s posts on photography! I have enjoyed each of their video tidbits also. I wish them well.

  17. Jeannine says:

    Oh my gosh!! This is HUGE news!! I couldn’t be more proud of this amazing team and am grateful to have been part of the early pixie days. It was an honor to work with the founding members. Will love you all “FOREVER”! Much love and congratulations!! <3 J

  18. Billie J says:

    Change is always scary…but I have faith in the p2P staff that the change will be good. I will miss Kerrianne, Justine and Penny and wish them well. Will they be replaced? Will we still receive the same amount of information with fewer pixies?

  19. Alice Wessinger Alice Wessinger says:

    How will this effect my yearly membership?

  20. Jenny says:

    This is great to hear, all your hard work has paid off Jan and team. Glad to have been a part of p2P way back when, 6 years ago!!? From little things, big things come or as they say in the movies, build it and they will come! All the best to you all.

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