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Change.  Inevitable.  It seems life is always in some sort of flux from being a couple to parents to empty-nesters.  My life became more full and exciting recently.  A week ago I was honored to watch my third grandchild delivered.  A sweet little boy that is quite healthy and perfectly adorable.  His mom’s life will change and his siblings’ lives will change.  His life will change daily as he grows and explores the world around him.

pixels2Pages has now become part of the dynamic Forever Company.  I am looking forward to giving my best to Forever as I have done for every other business venture I’ve been involved in.  There are so many exciting things to share with people from permanent storage for their priceless photos to creating photographic gifts to celebrate life.  I look forward to this change with excitement as I become part of a team that focuses on the needs of others.

I hope you’ll discover the many opportunities Forever shares with you to reassure you your photographic images are safe and preserved for the future.  My sweet new little grandson will never have to wonder who someone is in a photo because I’ve taken care of that with my Forever permanent storage.  He’s already getting used to a camera nearby! He’ll have the opportunity to browse through books I’ve created when he’s older and the sweet little book I’ve created this week that’s all about him!  He’s already become a son and a brother, a grandson and a nephew.  He’s off to a great start!

Come explore the opportunity with me!



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3 Responses to Blog: New Changes

  1. Jan says:

    What a bundle of joy!! Exciting times ahead, for sure!! xx

  2. Sandy says:

    Congratulations Mary!! How exciting!! Looks like his first book is off to a great start.

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