It has been a very big month at pixels2Pages, and a big year for me so far! Lots of things have changed, and are in the process of changing, and it has felt a little bit like a whirlwind at times. My brother got married, my son started university, a new nephew arrived, and as you know, pixels2Pages has been acquired by Forever, and I now have a new employer and a new position – which even comes with a title! (Don’t worry, I won’t let it go to my head!) That’s a lot of changes – but there are many things that haven’t changed, and those are the things I want to write about now.

I still trust and depend on a big God, who can and does work in all things for our good. We had a wonderful time at Easter being reminded about just how big God is, and that nothing is outside his care.

I still love and appreciate my wonderful husband Rob, who is the most faithful, dependable, loving and kind husband I could ever hope for – and has a fabulous sense of humour and bags of patience with my failings.

I still adore my two amazing kids – even with all the ups and downs, frustrations, worries and struggles of teenage- and early adulthood. As they take big steps towards independence, I feel excited, scared, joyful and sad all at once. No matter how old they are, they will always be my boy and my girl.

I still love my crazy extended family, appreciate our shared memories, and admire the way they are making their way in the world, finding their own paths, and being brave enough to face up to challenges and conquer some old demons along the way. I still miss my Mum and wish she could be sharing the joy of a new grandson with us.

I still love words – working with them, wrestling with them, learning about them and most of all playing with them! My editing work gives me so much satisfaction – taking a piece of writing and making it better, but still retaining the writer’s style and meaning. There is a deep sense of order, clarity, and fitness to purpose in well-crafted language that makes my heart sing.

I still love pictures – taking them, organizing them, using them in scrapbook pages to make a record of our lives. And I love helping others to do the same! It’s still a little unbelievable that I get to share my love of scrapping with people all over the world – that I get to experiment, find fun ways of doing things, and inspire others with the results. That I get to work with an incredibly talented team of Pixies, who are so much fun, so committed to the same things as me, and so inspiring! In my very first blog I wrote about how strange it felt to be magically transformed into a Pixie overnight – and I can truthfully say it has never lost its magic. I was thankful then that the team trusted me enough to take me on, and I am still thankful now that I can keep doing what I love.

Content used: Notebook Basics by Jen Martakis Designs. A Woodland Spring Bundled Collection by Seatrout Scraps. Font: Oranienbaum.

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4 Responses to Blog: The more things change…

  1. Shelley says:

    Alison I’m not sure how we managed before you joined the team!!

  2. Sandy says:

    I love how your blog shows similarities and relationships between everything we do as scrapbookers. You are able to share your stories and capture images of your loving family with your words. Along with that is more of an understanding of who you are and what is most important to you. So many times we think it’s important to have photos to support what is going on in our lives, but this is evidence that not all stories need a picture to be perfect.
    I did have to giggle though when you mentioned editing. I was on my junior high and high school newpapers and yearbook committees and my main responsibility was proofreading everything. I can’t help doing it now, but still have really appreciated your eyes looking over my pages. These past couple months have been tough and there were some things I let slip through. Your gentle messages have been greatly appreciated.

  3. Deanna says:

    Unlike you, Alison, I don’t edit, but I am proofreading some Bible Study materials for my sister-in-law who works with Campus Crusade’s ministry in France. However, I totally identify with everything else you have written. It’s comforting to note that someone else is traveling a path similar to mine. 🙂 Thank you!

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