While I was gone over the weekend to a very fun p2P Live event in Asheville, NC., my husband updated my desktop computer. He wiped the C drive clean and installed Windows 10. (Just a note, it is certainly not necessary to wipe your drive to install Windows 10 – but mine had gotten cluttered and he runs a tight ship!)

Thankfully, when I got a new computer several years ago, he had reminded me that I needed to have my “funky/extra fonts” and data (such as templates, projects, art content, etc.) in a secure place that was being backed up frequently.  Then the operating system could be upgraded or repaired should I get a virus, lose or break a EHD, without losing my precious data that I spent hundreds of hours creating and adding.  It’s not just a computer hard drive or an EHD failure that could cause you to lose all of your added fonts. It might happen when you do some upgrading and/or cleanup. When you lose those cute special fonts that you’ve been using in your Artisan 4 or 5, your pages will all of a sudden be covered in Microsoft Sans Serif.  Windows fonts will automatically reinstall with your operating system but those extra fonts may be long gone.

I still add that little text box on the right of each page. You know, the one titled “Content used” that appears on p2P Blueprints. Fortunately in Artisan 5 you can just right click, choose Properties and then the art kit containing the paper and embellishments used on the page will appear. But unless you added in the fonts you used on the page – you might be a little undone when you can’t remember the original font you chose before a failure happens.

You might then find yourself having to go through each page in each project and change your text and titles to a new font. OR, you can go to the font file on your drive that was backed up and reload those fonts. Voila! All those Artisan pages will magically have that cute precious font right back where you originally put it.

NOTE: Artisan 5 gives you some help just in case you do lose your fonts and you didn’t make note of it in the work space of your page. The name of the font that you originally used will still show in the text properties on the Quick Access Toolbar.

Here are a couple of suggestions to help you protect those special fonts:

  1. First make sure your font folder is automatically backed up by your backup plan – you are backing up your files aren’t you? I put mine on a drive that is constantly backed up and is separate from my operating system partition. (C:).  You can find the Windows font file on your computer by going to your local disk (C:) > Windows> Fonts. Remember, it’s important that you back up every single file that you want to remain the same – including your fonts! Windows 10 is now saying that you can do a non-destructive reload and you won’t lose your data. Trust but verify.
  2. You can flatten each title and text box and then if you have a computer failure your fonts and text will remain the same. I hesitate to flatten my text because typically I find a spelling mistake, a left out word, or the font is too large or too small and I want to be able to correct it. Once flattened, and you discover a mistake, you’ll have to rewrite it from scratch. BUT, if you are absolutely, positively positive that you won’t be needed to make changes, go ahead and flatten.

Pay attention and do your due diligence.  Remember that Forever support can be a huge help and they are there the help you.

PS: Within Artisan 4 or 5, you will be reminded to backup your activation codes. Be sure you point this file to the drive that is being backed up.  This is mandatory!




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10 Responses to Journaling Tip: Oh no! Where’s that special font I was using before my computer crashed?

  1. scrapncrazy2003@yahoo.ca scrapncrazy2003@yahoo.ca says:

    Thank you for the help. My hard drive crashed I had back up but I had no idea where to look for my fonts. Thank you so much for giving me the answer to this. Once I found them I immediately copied them onto my new hard drive. There were so many fonts I had in the past that I loved and wanted to use.

  2. Barbara Stout says:

    Where is the font file? I don’t know where it is to back it up. Does it back up when I save my project?

  3. Kristeen says:

    Its a shame that most commercial backup programs don’t include that all important FONT directory. I have a copy of it that does get picked up on my local and cloud backup and a way to sync new fonts to my other laptop that I use on my die-cut machine. Hopefully some day there will be a better way!

  4. Maryann says:

    Thank you so much for writing this! In January I bought a new laptop to replace my 8-year-old one that was giving me so much trouble. It’s been a slow switch but as of last week I thought I was finally settled down with my old one. Everything was working the way I’d like (especially Artisan and Historian, which had been the most stressful), except for some continuing issues with iTunes. And then I read this at lunch yesterday. Where were my fonts?! First thing I did when I got home was go to my new laptop and check. Nope. Fonts weren’t there. Went to my old laptop. There they were. I didn’t waste any time copying them to a flash drive and then to my new machine. Whew! My old tech always got EVERYTHING moved for me. My new (and former!) tech has caused me so many sleepless nights, but because of you, I didn’t have to face the day when I’d go to get one of my fancy fonts, only to find none of them were there. You’re the best!

  5. anninfl says:

    Thanks for the info on fonts. What do you do to assure you have all the same fonts on both a lap top and PC which do not have the same fonts? All projects and content are on an EHD. If you use a font say on the lap top and then open the project on the PC which does not have the same font, you lose the font you origianlly chose. Thanks.

  6. Karen says:

    Thanks Anne this is very timely. I had a major issue with my computer at Christmas time and never thought about fonts. I received my printed copy of my Challenges Book yesterday. It’s beautiful but I never thought about checking each page for the different fonts used and on one page the text is far larger than I would ever use, Microsoft Sans Serif! Will have to check to see what I originally used and see if I can download again. Definitely will make sure this is backed up this time so it does not happen again!

    • Anne says:

      Oh no Karen!! I am so sorry that you had to go through that! Not much comfort that most all of us have had this happen too! But we are ALL going to make sure we back up – back up – back up!! Right??

      • Karen says:

        Anne that is just too easy. One computer backed up now on to the other one. I am hoping that the one font that I am missing is on my old lap top as it now longer seems to be available for download.

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