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Rabbit, rabbit y’all!!  I guess by now you have heard the news that pixels2Pages has been acquired by Forever, but in case you missed that somehow, HERE is the post about it.  While this has been an exciting month for us, it’s also been a month of goodbyes and adjustments – read more about that (and loads more!) in this quarter’s Pages magazine, which is hot off the presses.   Thanks to featured fan Donna Martin Ames and all who contributed to this Celebration issue, and special thanks to Tameka and Alison for creating and editing it.


Yesterday was Download Day – have you gotten your Blueprints yet?  Be sure to get them downloaded, unzipped, filed, and backed up so that you’ll be ready to crop this coming weekend – that’s right, it’s our National Scrapbook Day virtual crop!  The fun starts early Friday morning, May 6 and runs through Sunday night, May 8.  The theme is “Life Is in the Details,” and we are excited to feature Janice’s first kits in the Forever store.  As always, our crops are open to anyone (on our Facebook page) and p2P members will find their extra goodies HERE (during the crop).

This month, the Forever Print Shop special is 10% off on Gift Items, and it will be taken automatically when you order – no coupon needed.  Get a head start on holiday gifts – if you need ideas, you may want to purchase the 2015 Gift Pack Blueprints – it’s full of coaster, mouse pad, and card Blueprints to get you started. May Print Sale

p2P LIVE Events and Forever Retreat Weekends

As mentioned last month, we have a good number of live events going on all over the country, and we hope you’ll be able to join us for one (or more) of them.  Anne, Tameka, and I had a blast at ‘Scrap Camp’ during p2P LIVE Asheville last month, and we look forward to going back next year! Here are places and dates (some are still tentative) of upcoming events:

pixels2Pages Affiliate Program

pixels2Pages has had an Affiliate program for two years now, and with our move to Forever, it will be undergoing some changes. Starting 1 May 2016, all p2P affiliates who are Forever Ambassadors will be earning 15% on sales of new p2P memberships (it has been 12%). YAY!!

In other news, as part of our transition to the Forever family, starting 1 June 2016, you will need to be a Forever Ambassador to continue to be a p2P Affiliate. If you are a p2P Affiliate now, and you are not a Forever Ambassador, please contact me directly for more information about that and what you will need to do.  If you are a Forever Ambassador but not a p2P Affiliate, you’ll want to click HERE to sign up!

Sometime later this year, the p2P Affiliate program will be integrated with the Forever Ambassador program.  For now, p2P Affiliates earn commission when people who have clicked their affiliate links purchase new p2P memberships, but those sales are not reflected as part of the Forever Ambassador program.

April Posts

Now let’s see what was posted on p2P last month – the headings are links to the content described, and you’ll see images (which are not links) of April posts in the galleries that follow each heading.

Challenges…for those who like to learn by doing


Tips…for those who like to learn by reading


Blueprints…for those who like shortcuts to gorgeous pages


Videos…for those who like to learn by watching and those who like to see the designer’s creative process in action


Behind the Globe Blog posts: …for those who want to get to know the pixels2Pages team and see how we make digital scrapbooking a part of our lives


Checklists and Handouts:…for those who love lists!  (HERE is the link to the Blueprint checklist.)


May Calendar

Finally, here’s what you can expect in May, thanks to Tameka’s fantastic calendar:



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  1. Ruth Bell says:

    I am amazed at what you Pixies have accomplished. You held our hands when Creative Memories folded and now you have been acquired by the same organization that acquired Panstoria. I guess Forever knows a good thing when it sees it. That gives it an A+. We will miss Janice, Kerrianne, Justine and Penny. I have read the last blogs from all but Penny and I don’t see one from her on the new calendar. Will she be writing one for us to say good-bye. It was good meeting Tameka recently and we hope to see others of you sometime in the future.

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