Tameka's Blog Header Good for the SoulFor those of us living in the United States, summer is almost here.  Warm weather, sunshine and blue skies take over.  It is generally a time when we are inside less, which means less time spent working on our albums.  The kids are on summer break.  Many summer vacations are planned.  Family reunions are about to take place.   Summer is the time where we do scrapbook-able things. (Yup! I made that word up, but you know what I mean).

Truth is every moment is a scrapbook-able moment, but there is something about summer that makes you take even more photos than normal.   As we spend more time out and about, by default, we are spending less time inside and on the computer.  That is a good thing.   We need to dedicate time for personal interaction with those we love.  We also need more pictures to scrapbook.  What we don’t want to do is fall so far behind on our existing projects that we are completely overwhelmed in the fall.

I have quite a few unfinished projects.  With just over a month left before summer, I am putting the pedal to the metal as I rush to complete a few of those projects.   3 weeks from now I am headed back to Mackinac Island for another pixels2Pages LIVE Event.  The Grand Getaway.  The last time I was on the island was 2014.   I can’t go back to the island without having this album complete.   During our National Scrapbook Day crop, I dug into my Blueprint stash and finished off the island project.   I don’t normally use Blueprints.  I create pages and turn my pages into Blueprints, or I design a page with a specific event in mind, but generally, I start with a blank canvas.  Needless to say, Blueprints came to the rescue and allowed me to complete this album.

Now comes the tedious part.  I need to proof the album.  I am sure there are inaccuracies, typos and more throughout the album.  Generally, I print the album on a local printer at reduced size so I can get an idea of what my colors will look like and for me to mark up any changes I would like to make.  I also save it as a pdf so I can zoom in and review my text and search for any misplaced elements.

I would like to share my draft album with you.   Most of this album was created using the Time Of My Life Blueprint Book by pixels2Pages because I designed that Blueprint Book specifically for this project. ( I will create a complete content addendum while I complete the proofing process).  You may have seen many of these pages on our Facebook page.

Enjoy my work in progress which is near completion.  Then set your goals to complete a project or two before summer takes over.  If you need help setting goals, join the p2P Plan2Scrap Club.

UPDATE:   As of May 15, 2015, the album you see below is my final version that is ordered from the Forever Store.  Thank you to everyone who helped me proof.  This final version may not be perfect, but it is complete!

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36 Responses to Blog: Do Scrapbook-able Things

  1. I should have said it is perfect (ly) stunning

  2. Stunning album! Not only am I going to scrapjack the title page and index but I will be signing up for the next P2P trip to that beautiful island!

  3. adakallen says:

    This book if simply gorgeous. You are amazing, talented, inspirational, motivational, and the list goes on.
    Thank you for all you do for all of us!

  4. scrappylady says:

    Beautiful & Inspiring for sure!! I noticed it does not list BP or BP books used for pages: 22-23,56-57,70-71 & 75-76 were these your own creations and not a BP?

  5. Phyllis says:

    Hi Tameka:

    Love, love love it. I am ready to get started.

  6. Kristeen says:

    LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing your trip…. I can’t believe that is all in one place. I’m even more excited for our trip now!

  7. Jamie Pitts says:

    Tameka – love the album!! Can you tell me what the content for the double page spread at page 13 is?

    • Tameka says:

      p2P Blueprint Shopping, p2P Video Tidbit Monograms
      Almost There Digital Kit by DesignerDigitals
      Fonts: Harlow Solid Italic, Bernard Solid MT, Microsoft Sans Serif

      I am just finishing the content addendum for the entire album and will post that later.

  8. Billie J says:

    What an inspiration! Beautiful book.

  9. Tina Burg says:

    Tameka, this is absolutely beautiful! I have always wanted to visit there and especially have always wanted to come to a p2PLive event there. But something always conflicts and I cannot make it there. I know I should have been looking for spelling mistakes and word usage but I was so enthralled by the pictures and the stories that I forgot to really look. One of these days I will join you on a trip here.

    • Tameka says:

      No worries. I have just finished proofing based on what everyone else has added…plus I found tons more. I think I am ready to order. Any remaining typos are worth it.

  10. Asmaan says:

    Hey Tameka!..a few more on 87!..left – ‘burst’ open; right top – ‘l’ missing in beautiful; 95 – necessarily.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the layout, tones, colour combinations AND everything else too about this album!!

  11. Cindy Rold says:

    This is a gorgeous album!

  12. Ruth Bell says:

    Tameka, this was gorgeous. I especially liked the first page. Will there be anyway that we can know what content and fonts you used as on the pages you post of p2P Facebook?

    • Tameka says:

      Ruth I will post a content addendum in the album itself when I am done editing the album. I will load the edited version of the album at that time as well. The first Page I used the Pixie Power Minute Grid Collage. Other content is Faint Whispers Page Pak by Cottage Arts, Font:1942 Report.

  13. Suzy Dust says:

    Meka, this is wonderful! I haven’t even finished mine from the first p2P Mackinac Photo Safari. I’m envious you are headed back there again, I so wanted to make the trip, but just can’t. I hope there will be another one in the future. I’m determined to go back. And I LOVE the profile pages – what a great idea.

  14. Rondi Hendrickson says:

    Oh Tameka, your book is MackinAwesome! I wish I could go this year, but Nancy couldn’t make it and I didn’t have anyone to go with. I’m so jealous that you get to enjoy that beautiful island again this year! I know you’ll have a Grand time. I’ll be missing you all!

  15. Nancy Pierce says:

    Beautiful album!

  16. Taylor Teresa says:

    Meka, this is a beautiful book. What a good idea to proof it this way. Can anyone upload a book to Issuu to do this? Would you like for us to help you proof? I am an editor by training and career and will be glad to look it over for you. I have already proofed through Page 29 and have found a few things.

    • Tameka says:

      Yes….anyone can upload to issue…and it is Free. Free accounts however have limited space so you would definitely need to reduce the size of the file as much as possible.

      I would love it if you helped me proof. If you can keep a separate document with all suggested changes and then post all proposed changes as one comment. You are the best.!

      • Taylor Teresa says:

        I have done half of the book. I’ll do the rest tomorrow. Here is what I have found and suggested. (You have probably found a lot of these, but as I know from years, you can’t be your own editor and catch everything)

        Page 4/5
        Pizza Party or pizza party – One capital needs to be changed.
        On Tuesday, butterfly
        On Thoughts
        If you want to get technical, the period always goes within quotes. So it would be “new.”
        There is a walkway…. Needs a period
        During should be lower-cased
        Who ever thought is question. Needs a ?
        Guidlines needs an e on several entries to guidelines
        So we could bike the island as a group
        Decide if you will use periods or not with your captions. I would suggest if they are complete sentences to use them. Your choice.
        Check “ball” on all and the horses were comfortable
        “truck.” Again, period inside quote marks
        Kathleen and I put on our best scary faces – is a sentence, needs a period.
        This geological wonder needs a comma
        Hard to read the entire line on 29 because of pattern.
        It’s natural glory should be … its natural glory, no apostrophe
        Staircase to nowhere. Both not two words.
        Horse-drawn — and waterfront
        fireplaces – one word
        anyway – one word
        Hand-stitched quilts – hyphenate and correct stitched, no comma needed after quilts
        All wood furniture was refinished and no two pieces were identical.
        We exited, not existed
        Tractors, etc. Put a comma in.
        a limited time to use the vehicles
        When she said that, (set it apart with that comma for better communication) dollar signs…..
        “big turtle.”
        If you open a quote, close it. “Mackinac.”
        Are the stacked turtles on fence posts? Or is there only one stacked turtle post?

        • Tameka says:

          You totally ROCK! THANK YOU!

          • Taylor Teresa says:

            Here’s the rest. LOVED the book.

            On 53, the plaque being placed on it.
            No errors on this spread, but I loved it. Midges! Yuck!

            On 60, do you want to capitalize Delicious?
            Just to tighten up, I would deleted some out of some music and just say music playing in the background.
            Capitalize Grand in Grand Hotel
            Everywhere (one word) I turned there was another work…
            It is usually occupied, so we were very lucky
            Do you want to say geranium or geraniums?
            Do you mean to cap grounds in on the Grand Grounds?
            the horses’ next meal
            Copy trails off on this page….
            Very fun pages! The “Me, Myself and I’s” consisted….
            …full of fragrant flowers, though
            The more you learn about trillium, the more beautiful it is…
            Dandelions….with an e
            Lilacs should probably be lilacs, lower cased.
            government buildings, plural
            …the charm of the wood buildings are enhanced
            returning to JFK airport…has two periods.

          • Tameka says:

            Thank you so much. Will work on these changes today. I appreciate all you have done.

      • Taylor Teresa says:

        Oops, I see in my corrections, I made an error….

        The charm of the government buildings IS enhanced, not are. LOL

        • Caroline says:

          Wow, Theresa, I felt like I was back at work! I was an editor as well. You sure saved Meka a ton of work. You are too kind!

          • Tameka says:

            Yes she did. I will still have to check the accuracy and consult with Kathleen on some details… but I think I will be able to get this book ordered next week as planned.

  17. Phyllis Offenkrantz says:

    Beautiful album! I noticed two blank pages when I looked at it; one is coral color and one is white. Did those pages just not load for me or are they blank on purpose? I love the blueprints and colors you chose. Just beautiful. Can’t really help with proofing tho – my eyes need bigger than I can get this!

    • Tameka says:

      The coral one is intentionally just that color.

      The white one, I am importing a page from another project.

      Ps. You can zoom in 1000 on issue. Click on the book to open it, then in the lower right hand corner, there is an icon to make the album full screen. Then you can use the tracker ball on your mouse to zoom in and out as much as you want.

  18. Donna Pullan says:


    What an absolutely lovely book! Thank you for sharing it with us. I love your layouts & all of the papers & elements that you used…very well done! I’m curious to know what camera you use…a dslr or a point & shoot?

    You are a great scrapbooking motivator…thank you!!

    DONNA ☺

    • Tameka says:

      Back then in 2014, I did not have the DSLR I have now. Most of the photos are from my Canon point and shoot. A few are photos shared from other attendees who had dslrs…but these are mostly point and shoot with a few cell phone photos.

  19. Robin Parsons says:

    What a beautiful album!! Gives me inspiration to kick it up a notch with my digital albums!!

  20. Sandy says:

    This looks beautiful and provides the inspiration I need to get some of my UFO’s completed.

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