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Seems like yesterday when our first child arrived in our home.  The next three followed pretty quickly. 4 in 6 years. All born in Louisiana but relocated to Texas 20 years ago.  Life was hectic, non-stop, crazy many times, fun and we were blessed.  From running here and there to activities, cooking meals and doing piles of laundry.  We traveled with our children to many vacation destinations and our time was fun and hearts were full.  All along the way I took pictures.  Pictures of the destinations, of the smiles (and a few grumpy frowns) and recorded those events with pleasure.

Fast forward quite a few years.  All 4 children are grown and we have three grandchildren now.  I think we’ve instilled a sense of adventure and exploration in our kids and luckily they are much more relaxed and laid back than we were.  My oldest daughter, after living in Illinois and Florida, now lives nearby with our grandkids and we’re thankful they are so close.  Our next daughter lives in Los Angeles (after completing post graduate education in Australia). Our son lives in College Station, Texas and our baby daughter lives in Washington, DC briefly until relocating to Houston.

While they’re not as close as I’d like (especially the Australia stint) my husband and I are finding it’s giving us more opportunities to travel. We get to set out and go visit them.  I was blessed to see Australia while our daughter was there and able to meet my Pixie partners.  I’ve visited Los Angeles (I was born in Orange County, CA) and reconnected with friends not seen in a long time and enjoyed sightseeing with my daughter and reliving many childhood memories thru her eyes.  I was able to visit New York City while attending a conference with one of my kids and she treated me to a Broadway show.  We went to College Station a few weeks ago where one of my dearest friends lives and spent time with my son and enjoyed his newly found love of woodworking as a hobby and just recently jetted to Washington, DC and loved how our baby scheduled all the tours (including our background checks to get into the White House) and knew all the ins and outs of the area including non touristy eating establishments.  We experienced adventures all over again.  It’s so enjoyable to just “show up” and know your kids have taken care of the details.

I’m working on pages from these trips and find a great sense of relief when I know pictures taken with my phone have automatically been uploaded to my Forever account especially the picture of my daughter, her dad and I at the White House.  These pictures added with special pictures from other events and travel including heritage pictures from over 100 years ago are being safely secured for generations to come.  With that comes peace of mind.  The knowledge that the effort I put into documenting won’t be lost.  The sense of adventure passed down to future generations and the relief that they won’t have to figure out who’s who in the photos.

So give yourself peace of mind.  Make sure things are backed up.  Make sure people and places are identified.  Enjoy your adventures and then enjoy them again when you preserve the memories in a book. Happy memory making adventures!



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  1. Linda DeLaughter says:

    I am sure that every minute spent with your children is memorable! Thanks for sharing such poignant insights into your world, dear Mary! Beautiful page! P.S. When we visited the White House 7 years ago, you had to surrender your phones and cameras — no photos inside! Is that still the case?

    • Mary says:

      Still tight security and no purses allowed. We could carry a wallet only with our ID. No cameras with detachable lenses and no ipads but we were allowed to take pictures with our phone. The buildings in DC are unbelievable!

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