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Many times when people travel, they go on a fantastic adventure and take tons of photos with the best intentions of doing something special with them when they get home. Then upon the return home, “life” happens – we get back to our busy schedules and it just seems like we can’t get everything we need organized enough to get it done.  So it goes on to the back burner to simmer awhile.  Then we get another opportunity to travel again and the same thing happens and all of a sudden we have lots of projects to work on with not enough time to get them done, and our project become this gigantic elephant we can’t complete because of its size.  We can’t even start!  We want to get it all organized, because we want to make a book.  We want those pictures sorted.  We want the memorabilia scanned and we want the story told.  It just seems time-consuming and daunting! So lets figure out how to take one “bite” at a time out of that elephant.

Forever has the answer.  I’m leaving an a huge trip in a couple days.  I will have a camera and my phone, my husband will have a camera and phone and our travel companions will have cameras and phones and I know we’ll share images.  A little prep ahead of time will save time when I get back and work and family beckon.

The first thing and number one on the organizing list will be :

  • Sync everyone’s cameras to the same date and time – SO IMPORTANT!The rest I’ve pretty much done:
  • I’ve set up an album in my Forever account and nested albums for each country on our trip. I can upload to the specific album anytime I’m connected to wi-fi.  I won’t take many pictures with my phone on the trip, but I’m sure a few selfies will find their way into the mix.
  • In Historian, I’ve created a category for our cruise.  Inside that category, each day we’re away, I have tags for the country and date we’ll be there.  I am bringing my laptop but only for uploading daily to stay organized. I plan to enjoy every moment of this cruise with my husband.
  • In Artisan, in Content Manager,  I’ve created a Baltic Cruise category and added kits to it that have the papers I’m wanting to use.  I can delete this category later, when my project is complete.
  • In Artisan, I’ve also created a new Font group called Baltic Cruise so I don’t have to scroll through my 3200+ fonts looking for the perfect one! I’ll use the same fonts to give the book consistency.
  • I purchased my husband a new notebook because he always loves taking notes on information the tour guide gives us. (He then types them up when we get home and emails them to me. All I do is copy and paste into my project).  Yes, he spoils me!
  • The only thing I’ll have to do for this project, when I get home, is scan my memorabilia and make the pages!

This trip will be enjoyed to the max. I will savor the flavor of each country and hopefully come back with wonderful memories and photos.  I’ll be seeing some extended family in one of the locations, so that will be a highlight.  I’ll be ready to get this book done so my husband and I can enjoy reliving each moment as we browse through it.  I love that I can enjoy the moments and that the important pictures will be stored in my Forever account. I don’t have to stress over ‘what ifs’ of something happening to them!

I’m looking forward to this trip and then reliving it when I work on my book!


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20 Responses to Blog: Ready to Scrapbook

  1. Juanita Richards says:

    I wish I had read this before we went away. I cannot emphasize how important syncing cameras is. We have just come back from 10 days overseas and each of the five kids with me had iphones, my mum had a camera and I had one too – what a mess the photos became when uploaded – they were uploaded each night into folders for each day on a hard drive, but once I put them into Historian, it sorted them by the date the camera had taken them and it was a HUGE job (not yet completed) to sort them into the right days.

  2. Madelyn Brownell says:

    Wow Mary, it’s like you’re in all of our heads. I haven’t stopped to read blogs, but Jan suggested this one — I think I’m now hooked! Can’t wait to share this with my clients.


  3. Sandy says:

    I really love this idea. It will help make getting things done so much faster. I am getting ready to head out on two big Girl Scout trips and would like to get my books done as soon as I can after I get home so I can share them with the girls. This looks like just the way to do it. Looking at your list thought makes me want to go spend some time at I must stay focused! I must stay focused!

  4. debbie says:

    Can fonts in Artisan be in more than one category? If not, did you take the font out your original category and replace it back after the project is done? ( I’m not in front of my home computer right now or I’d just try this)

  5. Kristeen says:

    Everyone things I’m crazy when I suggest we sync our times but then when they see the results they are grateful!

  6. Linda DeLaughter says:

    Making a font group for your favorite fonts to be used is a great idea! I also make categories and tags for depositing the photos for each place visited. It’s so much easier to find the photos that way. Have a wonderful trip, dear friend! Enjoy yourselves and see you in September!

  7. Lindie says:

    This is perfect. Hope you have a great trip and I’m looking forward to seeing the pics and pages.

  8. sistersunshine says:

    So proud to be a digi instructor right now… working with someone on her cruise book and EVERY SINGLE STEP… she followed the above steps… NOW if only I had done this before p2P LIVE Mackinac Island Grand Getaway…lol. Almost but not quite. Great blog. *U* Kathleen

  9. Alison says:

    This is brilliant Mary! I’m taking notes now so I can be prepared too 😉

  10. Suzy Dust says:

    I Love this! I’m also inspired to do this as well. Now I just need to book the vacation.

    • Mary says:

      Time to find a trip and book Suzy! You can do this for lots of things though. If your’e an avid gardner then set up this style of organizing for gardening! Its works for more than trips!!

  11. Kathy says:

    Thanks so much for this great information. I think I will use your ideas on my trip to the Pacific Northwest this summer.

  12. Jan says:

    Fantastic blog, Mary! You’ve inspired me to do the same thing! Thanks and have a great trip! xx

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