You’ve probably seen from the pages I’ve been posting that I have a new and VERY cute nephew. His name is Fergus, and he lives in the country with his Mum & Dad & brother and sister, and a whole lot of fur friends. Because they live in the country, we don’t get to see them much, so I’m dependent on Facebook for updates and particularly photos. When I see a new photo has been posted, I download it into Historian so I can use it on my pages.

The photos aren’t great quality, because they’re compressed by Facebook when they’re uploaded, and you don’t get the full resolution image when you download. That means they’re not great for putting on a 12×12 page unless they’re on the small side. But I don’t have a lot of photos to work with, so I can’t do lots of collage pages of small photos. What options do I have for getting decent pages out of lower quality photos?

Fortunately, Artisan gives me lots of options for using not-fantastic photos on my pages. I’ve found that you can add a not-so-good photo as a background, lower the opacity, then put the small version of the photo on top with a nice cluster around it to make a page that’s not just OK, but even wow! You can rubber stamp a mediocre photo and it suddenly looks all arty and interesting. A black & white treatment can instantly improve the look of a not-so-sharp image. Some of the artistic filters give really great results that effectively hide blurriness, or even make a feature of it.

Of course, the best thing I could do would be to get my brother and sister-in-law to upload their photos to Forever, and then I could access them at full resolution! We’re visiting next weekend, and I plan to introduce them to Forever and get them started with an account. Then, they can put their photos in their account and share that account with me and the rest of the family. We’ll all be able to download full resolution photos whenever we want.

When I do have some good images to work with, I’ve found the perfect kit for some really sweet baby pages – and it makes page creation an absolute breeze! It’s the Tiny Blessing Pre-designed Book created by my dear friend Janice for Forever. This is a book full of the most adorable pages, and along with the co-ordinating kit called Tiny Blessing Milestones, it gives me the perfect way to get baby pictures scrapped quickly and easily. The designs are simply sweet, and you can use them just as they are, or tweak them to suit your photos. I simply pick one of the templates, add my photos, adjust the hue of the elements to match, add my journaling and I’m done.

Here’s one of my pages using the Tiny Blessing Pre-designed Book (I swapped out the journal card from the pre-designed page for the one from the Milestones kit that says 4 months, and adjusted the hue of some elements).

 And here’s one using the large opacity-reduced photo technique. Content used Hot Mama, Artsy Fartsy Bundle by Peppermint Creative. Forever Baby Birdies Digital Kit. Font: Beautiful Every Time. The border is a stroke made from a custom waffle shape I created to match the blanket in the photo.



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5 Responses to Blog: Simply sweet

  1. carolyn says:

    Great ideas & pages Alison! I just made a couple of pages with not so great photos; I may redo them. And yes, Fergus, is so adorable!

  2. Patricia Lewis says:

    Thankyou Alison. I have a few of those FB photos. Must give this a go. Must be freezing in Lithgow at the moment.

  3. junegauntley says:

    Excellent blog today, Alison, about how to use photos of lower resolution from FaceBook. We all have that problem and it is great to see how your large page-sized photo turned out! It is very effective – I love it! Thanks, Alison!

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